Minami-ke 01

Best slice-of-life anime this season – no lies.

Unlike other slice-of-life anime, this one leaves a big enough impression of the series in the first episode, giving us a lot of indication that the series will be full of win.

The Three Sisters

Kana Minami

The middle child. She’s the most energetic one, and possibly the most entertaining to watch, in my opinion. Being the energetic girl she is, she will most likely be a 100% target for comedy relief. Hidamari Sketch had Miyako, Lucky Star had Konata… so I guess Minami-ke has Kana!

Chiaki Minami

The youngest sister. Chiaki’s a really serious and a little straightforward little girl… and can come off as a little rude. Of course, she apparently loves her oldest sister, whom she refers to as “Haruka-neesan“. She’s not very, um… polite to her second-oldest sister, Kana, though.

Haruka Minami

The oldest and most mature of the siblings. She appears to take on a motherly role in the series, taking care of her younger sisters.

The Win

I don’t think it’s a matter of whether kissing is wrong or not… I think it’s the matter of a little girl kissing a pedo-teacher with a nymphet complex.

Of course…

Yo, Kana, that’s called incest ya’ know!

I just can’t get enough of Kana’s hyper antics! She definitely rivals live-action Minoru… Okay, maybe not so much. 😉

Most of us already know that normally-serious female characters need to have a certain push in order for their dokidoki switch to activate. For Chiaki… it’s hotcakes, I guess.

Letter of Challenge

I’m glad that misunderstandings like this don’t take place (hopefully) in real life… either that, or I’m screwed even more than I am now!

The Conclusion
Two thumbs up. Excellent. Very hilarious and fun.

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  1. O the incest was awesome lol, funny how it ended with a punch ^^. Best Slice of Life of all time huh, well it’s hard to say for now, I’m going to have to keep watching to see if that becomes true. I still have Azumanga and ARIA at the top of the list but Minami-ke is bursting its way up there ;p.

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