I almost forgot I had an anime blog. ( _|ï¿£|â—‹ )

Another mouth-to-mouth resuscitation post. Oh great.

Yes, I really did forget I had an anime blog. I’ve been so focused on school work lately that it’s all I’ve been focusing on the last two months. Because I’m a perfectionist like that.

Also, being in love with cute girl is cute.

But then it hit me! I had a blog that had become even more less than perfect because of the recent scarce updates! That broke my spirit greatly, so I came back to the interwebz.

Along with my comeback, I’ve made two (MAJOR!!!) changes to the blog:

1) Welcome Seiryuu! Lost My Music! (under request =]) to the blogroll! Which shouldn’t be mentioned in the first place other than making this update seem bigger (xD).

Big blogroll is big…

2) New banner to reflect some holiday spirit (Christmas!Shana, illustrated by Noiji Itou, of course). What better day than today? It is, after all, December 1.

Yes, I realize that I exaggerated on the “major” part.

Welcome me back or die.

10 thoughts on “I almost forgot I had an anime blog. ( _|ï¿£|â—‹ )”

  1. Fast Orion is fast!

    Dammit, I missed that post while I was under Hiatus Disease. :< Vaccine sure would've helped earlier. D< Haha, I had 45 points yet I was able to recover from that coma, a miracle of miracles. Huzzah...

  2. lol, I kinda get the same feeling sometime so I just update whenever I feel like it which seems to gradually get less, but I generally aim to have a min of 1 post every 2 weeks which isn’t much at all.

  3. Welcome back. 😛

    For me who feels that not posting once a week is a travesty, it’s good that you we’re able to separate yourself from temptation of the blogging kind, if only briefly. :3

  4. of course we welcome u back! anyway thx for the add once again haha! don’t worry about the traffic. the fact that u haven being making new entry for about 1 mth, and that i can still find your blog already shows how popular your blog is. keep it up bro! =D

  5. @TokiDoki: Posting once every two weeks seems like a good solution whenever I get bombarded by work. lol
    @TheBigN: Real life stress helped me hold back the temptation quite a few. 😛
    @Seiryuu: No problem. (:

  6. Okaeri (welcome back) ^^, haven’t seen you on the blog scene for a while lol. But real life issues come first so it’s understandable.

  7. @AS: Yeah, because when a real life issue comes up, I don’t feel that blogging is all that important anymore. =O But I guess that (hopefully) most of us are like that.

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