Shakugan no SHANA II Catchup

Well, since I haven’t been blogging in like, over a month – I could just skip over to the most recent episode I’ve watched… but it wouldn’t feel complete. So, I’ve taken the easy way out (clumping them all together, except episode 8 – being the recent episode I’ve watched). I’ll do the same for CLANNAD some time later. As for Minami-ke… I forgot to watch it since episode 1 due to school work (which means I’ll blog it from episode 2 and onwards). But, onto business.

Episode 03 (疑惑の転校生) – I was right with my suspicions, Konoe wasn’t the real Hecate after all. The Tomogara in this episode was a complete joke, being used as a mere pawn by Shana in her plan to find who Konoe really is and getting his butt chopped into pieces so easily.

Episode 04 – (憂いの少女達) – lawl supersize me. The love-square between Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe continues. Which this episode is all focused on. Ugh, if this continues, shoot me.

… If they turn Shana into a harem, then I’ll castrate myself. Well, at least the part with the ramen-eating battle and Shana filling herself with a jumbo sundae amused me. The latter making me really happy.

Episode 05 (家族の食卓) – And it CONTINUES! I really hope I can keep my manhood in the end… When will this filler-fest end?! The Wilhelmina/Shana bonding scene was warmhearted though, probably the best part of the episode next to Alastor’s “I guess she didn’t train turning on the ventilation” comment.

Episode 06 (試練の前夜) – Well, at least the jealousy-fest from the last two episodes might have ended after this. Most of us can relate to this episode’s message though, when in love – jealousy’s the worst part of it all! But that just proves you really do love that someone and you’re serious about it!

Excuse my corny outburst there. 😛

Episode 07 (池速人、栄光の日) – Cool, an Ike-focused episode. A funny one at that. Those are rare, in the sense that it never happened before. Despite the theme park-filled-joyride this episode brought us… nothing really happened in this episode.

And don’t say this episode develops the Ike/Kazumi relationship, all of that was just an illusion on his part. Of course, I guess that added fuel to the fire!

Well, the next episode actually has something to do with the storyline. Finally, after a long period of filler with absolutely no action and nothing pertaining to the plot (the love-square doesn’t count, because it wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place), we finally get some of that with an episode focusing on Margery Daw’s past. Hopefully, after that, the anime will get back on track! I honestly don’t want another Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi on our hands. (:

6 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II Catchup”

  1. About Konoe and Hecate, I think the popular theory is that Konoe really IS Hecate, she just doesn’t know it. Like something’s keeping her dormant, or whatever. I don’t really know, all I watched before this was the Shana movie, so I’m not 100% familiar with Hecate. XD

    And since I’m too lazy to say it on your other post…good to have you back. 😀

  2. @CCYoshi: Hmm, I’m thinking outside the box and thinking that she might be Pheles (the green-haired girl in the opening), seeing as someone who looks like Konoe is standing right behind her in that sponsor-image thingy after the opening…

    Thanks for the welcome-back btw. 😛

  3. i love watching shakugan no shana!!
    it is so nice and i love their adventure of yuji sakay!!
    i love her hair!!!
    little but terrible!!!nice!!!

  4. не че не понял читаеться легко но не понятно

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