Shakugan no SHANA II – 09

Well, Yuri died. A shame too, I thought he was a likable character, in a sense that he was really one of the only Flame Haze that fought (… uh, had a fight) for the sake of humanity.

And wow, I must say that Margery’s flashbacks of the Silver Tomogara were pretty savage.

Yuji conjurs up a silver (Hmm… Hmmmmm… *cough* *cough*) Fuzetsu… Interesting.

Nice, first episode in a while that made me wet my pants in excitement. It seems Yuji’s father returns next episode (I DON’T CONSIDER THIS A SPOILER BECAUSE IT’S FILLED WITH OBVIOUSNESS FOLKS), so I’m thankful that this might mean that there’ll be less focus of the Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe love-square during this period.

4 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II – 09”

  1. Of course they make the characters that are bound to die (Hey, here’s a guy in a flashback that’s not in the present. Hmm, I wonder why…) the likable ones. But I’m a sucker for selfless characters. >_>

    Personally I thought I liked the love polygon (at least, relative to other people), but this episode blew even the Ike episode out of the water. Poor Ike.

    And I love being a noob to the Shana series. Yuuji’s father? Silver? Margery flashback? It’s all WTF to me. XD

  2. @Orion: Noob Flame Haze is noob. T_T
    @CCYoshi: Well, in the beginning I liked it. But then the love polygon was stretched out quite a few episodes… it seemed to take away and shove the other things that were really important to the series into the background, it seemed like Shana turned into another typical school love story. So yeah. o_O

  3. Ahhhhhh, the lovable character that dies lol. Protecting others, quite the heroic motto, sadly that motto doesn’t exist in the world of Shana. I never noticed your shana-ism tag before lol, very nice.

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