Tsubasa-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (Celes Arc; Chapters 154-166)

During the search for Sakura’s body (which was separated from her soul in chapter 149), we finally find out the truth about Fay’s past.

And I must say, Fay’s past has got to be one of the most gruesome origins out of all the characters in Tsubasa.

Fay isn’t really Fay. His real name is Yuui, and the name Fay belonged to his twin brother, who was killed long ago.

He and his brother were the twin sons of the second prince of Valeria. However, in that country, twins were considered a bad omen. The crops in that country died, there was a drought, and eventually even their parents died – all the blame was put onto them. The emperor (fearing the bad luck those two seemingly brought, the powerful magic that would surpass his own if the two were to combine, and the bad luck that was to come if they were to be killed) exiled them to a valley where magic was ineffective and time does not flow; where the bodies of sinners were put in place of a proper grave… they would live there, separate from one another, until the destruction of the world. He thought that if they were to live a torture of a life, then the world would be happy.

However, as the number of dead bodies dumped there began to grow, Yuui tried endlessly to climb up the tower so that they both would be free and escape to another country. But, as the number of dead bodies grew, Yuui started to notice that even the children and elderly were dumped there after being killed, not wearing the clothes sinners were usually allowed to wear. He finds out the king of Valeria had grown insane and begun to slaughter the whole population. Dumping even his own body in the valley, he commits suicide right in front of Yuui (with Fay watching from above) saying that they will be the only ones to live in that world, as punishment for their sins. Yuui has a breakdown, and starts questioning himself out loud if just living is a sin.

Fei Wong Reed intervenes, giving them a chance to escape. However, only one of them would be able to escape, and both of them had to choose. Fay chooses Yuui, being thrown off the tower to his death. the evil bastard (Fei Wong Reed) alters Yuui’s memory, to make him think that he chose himself over his own brother and uses Yuui’s guilt to further serve his own intentions – being that in exchange for reviving his brother, he would allow Fei Wong Reed to put two curses on him (one being erased from Yuui’s memory, furthur serving his own plans) – the first, being to kill anyone who has greater magicial power than himself… and the second, ebing hat if he isn’t the one to kill King Ashura, then the country of Celes will be closed up.

After that, Fei Wong Reed told Yuui what he should do from then on. He tells Yuui to wait for someone from another world to take him away from the valley, and later going on a journey with a clone that he had created (Syaoran, the one we see at the beginning of Tsubasa all the way until the Acid Tokyo arc) and a princess from Clow Country, protecting the princess until she returned to Clow Country and to kill any ostacles along the way (Kurogane). He alsos tells Yui that he will find a magic feather that he should put into fay’s body so it wouldn’t rot and when he found his second feather, he should begin his journey and give it to Sakura upon their meeting in order to keep her from dying early on (the one that he gives Syaoran in the beginning wasn’t found “stuck to his clothing”, Fay… Uh, Yuui had it all along). Before Fei Wong Reed left, he reminds Yuui that he’s his pawn until his wish is fullfilled and his two curses are lifted.

Once the person from another world (Ashura) came to pick Yuui up, he asks what his name is. Yuui says his name is “Fay” in an attempt to erase himself and his sins. And then… ugh, I’m getting tired. I’ll leave the rest to WikiPedia (>_>):

Ashura later gave Fay the last name “Flourite”, the name of a precious talisman mineral, and he eventually earned the title ‘D’, given to the highest magician in Celes. And thus, Yuui became the protagonist “Fay D. Flourite”. He found his two feathers while helping villagers during an avalanche, and decided to use one to create a person in his mother’s image who would watch over his brother’s body even if he was not there, leading to the creation of Chii. Soon after meeting Ashura, he vowed that he would do whatever it took to bring his brother back to life, no matter whose life he had to steal in the process.

As time went by, Ashura became a father figure to Fay, tutoring him in magic and comforting him whenever he felt unable to overcome his dark past. When Fay discovered that he was unable to learn healing magic, and could only learn “magic that kills people”, Ashura told him that his smile was magic in itself, because it too held the ability to heal others. Fay would later relay the same words to Sakura when she felt unable to be of use to Syaoran. In exchange for everything that he had done for him, Ashura asked Fay to promise that he would eliminate anyone who threatened Celes.

Knowing about Fay’s first curse, and not being able to break it, Ashura traced a magical seal on his body in the form of a Phoenix tattoo, which suppressed his powers from growing any further. When Fay protested, knowing that the curse would be more difficult to fulfill if his powers continued growing, Ashura told him that Fay’s first curse would break after it was fulfilled once, and he wanted to be the one that Fay would kill. Ashura then erased what he’d told him from Fay’s memory.

Several years after Fay made his promise to Ashura, a mysterious and deadly monster began to attack and kill Celes’s innocent civilians. Fay swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashura was the monster after he killed every single person in his castle and all the civilians had fled to other countries. Remembering how the King of Valeria had gone mad and executed everyone in the country, Fay at first blamed himself for what happened to Ashura, thinking that “the curse of the twins” was what had caused Ashura to kill. Then, Ashura told him that the more people he kills, the stronger his magic becomes, and he always knew that he’d someday become a murderer, even though he wasn’t sure why. Fay realized that Ashura had brought him under his care for the sole purpose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring himself to kill the first person who’d ever shown him kindness, Fay cast a spell on Ashura which put him into a deep sleep, but since no magic spell was permanent, the king would eventually awaken. In a desperate attempt to avoid having to face Ashura when he woke, Fay then used his magic to teleport himself to the Dimensional Witch, where he began his journey through different worlds with Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, and Mokona.

The outcome of this arc was pretty intense. It seems that Ashura tried to lift Fay’s curse all along… However, Kurogane is the one that kills Ashura, resulting in the world closing up. Fay, being the one that casted the spell, couldn’t escape. During this, Kurogane chopped his arm off in exchange for Fay’s body so they could escape to the next world. Overall, pretty intense story arc.

Also, I think this is the first arc where Real!Syaoran uses “FUUKA SHOURAI!!!“. Totally reeks of badass.

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  1. This story about Fay is really touching. I love the way this story is structured presented and put out! Its really easy to follow but not an easy story at all!

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