Tsubasa-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Chapters 174-175

Finally… Real!Syaoran enters the dream world using Seishirō’s reality-altering feather to recover Sakura’s soul (and we find out that Seishirō was going to give Syaoran the feather anyway and was just messing with him lol). However, Clone!Syaoran warps into that dimension too (and as he was entering the dream world, Watanuki, in yet another short connection to ×××Holic, disappears from it) and demands Real!Syaoran to hand over the feather to him.

After a tremendous battle… Real!Syaoran is now in flames and is on the verge of death (;;), with Sakura yelling “SYAORAN!!!” (notice the lack of suffix? T_T *is a Clone!SyaoranxSakura fan*).

At first glance, it seems Clone!Syaoran definitely has no hopes of returning to the way he was before the seal on his right eye was broken after this stunt (;;) . However… (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Seems that in chapter 176, Real!Syaoran is completely immobilized after having his Raitei Shorai backfire on him (that’s definitely going to hurt in the morning…), leaving Sakura’s soul wide-open to kill. Fei Wong Reed orders Clone!Syaoran to kill Sakura’s soul, since he needs only the body‘s memories of the various worlds, leaving the soul utterly useless in his plan (which, in recent chapters, has been revealed that it has something to do with reviving someone).

BUT 0MG PL0T TwI5T0r????!1111

Clone!Syaoran is on the verge of chopping Sakura into various pieces… however, he finds that he can’t move his body any further – he can’t find himself having the strength to go through with it and he wonders, “Why won’t I move?“. And then we see Yuuko saying “Even if the heart forgets, there are also things that the body remembers.”

Knowing this, I absolutely can’t wait for chapter 176. Curse you CLAMP and your plot twists (of course, I should have saw it coming in the first place seeing as how they were babbling about the “body’s memories” for quite some time after Sakura’s soul separated from her body). I have hope for Clone!Syaoran, I really do. Especially since we see Syaoran in his original attire with the goggles and whatnot with Sakura in that glass-tube-thingy at the very beginning of the manga (and anime)…

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