Shakugan no SHANA II – 10

Khamsin is back! Nice to see him after being MIA from SHANA II up until now.

Somehow, I found the scenes he was in (which was how many? Two?) the only scenes that I deemed to have good animation. Talk about a step down in animation, J.C.Staff…

So… If I heard right, Yuji’s father creeps on girls in a stalker-like fashion as a prank whenever he comes home from his travels? And he does it AS A HOBBY?!

Seriously though, the guy just stood here the whole day instead of just knocking on the door and saying hello, just to get his kicks?

… I think I’m starting to like this guy.

A question to all the maidens (who actually read my blog) out there: is it really a good idea to kick your boyfriend’s dad in the face after you just met him?

Then again, the guy was stalking ESCORTING you home from behind…

MORE CLOSEUPS OF THE BRACELETS??!!!! This is totally not foreshadowing something strange about Konoe and her butler. They’re just filler, I tell you… FILLER!

Anyway, I’m glad that the show is starting to get a move on… somewhat. Less focus on the Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe ORGY and more novel stuffz. Of course, Shana and Kazumi getting that cliché pep talk was sort of… um, yeah. I should’ve saw that coming. Although it’s nice to know that they won’t get jealous when Yuji does the littlest of things. Like suck on a straw. ADULTERY!

Next episode, Yuji finds out about the origin of the Reiji Maigo from Wilhelmina – Pheles, and her lover, who created it – Johan. And, hopefully, we’ll finally get a “URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!” from Shana since like, what? The first episode this season? (T_T)

2 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II – 10”

  1. Some “URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!”would be nice lol. After all, some of us are just here for Shana, for we are devout Shanaist. If I were a girl, I would do as Shana did and kick some stalker a$$. Yuji’s dad has quite the hobby and the mom doesn’t mind but is annoyed, what an interesting relationship ^^.

  2. @AS: LOL A girl’s impression of the dad ain’t so nice but the dad’s impression of the girl is, well… “DON’T MESS WITH MY SON’S WIFE” xD

    I bet Kantarou learned his lesson that night from Chigusa. 😉
    … Man, we need moar triple urusai from Shana this season or it’s just not the same. T_T

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