Gyakuten Saiban Anime – Any Objections?

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I remembered that old promotional video for the release of Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten (the remake of Gyakuten Saiban 1 for the DS in Japan, and the first Phoenix Wright game released for English-speaking audiences). The FUNNIEST thing ever. What people liked about that promo was its witty (almost parody-like to the franchise) script – making it a very good promo for a video game. But what made it unique to PW fans – something that’s absent from the actual game (besides the non-murder case) – was really the voice acting.

When I first saw this promo, the chemistry of the voice cast was really superb… and then I began thinking: “What if there was an anime adaption of Phoenix Wright?”

Absolutely. Delicious.

Now, if Capcom (of Japan or otherwise) wasn’t so cheap and actually hired seiyuu/voice actors for the game, then that would be twice as awesome as having an anime adaption of it. Nevertheless, being in love with the Ace Attorney series, I would absolutely like to see an anime adaption of the series either way. The storyline is very well-built, most (if not ALL) of the characters are very likable and unique that you’d feel attached to them (even the not-so-very-important side-characters are memorable!), and… the very thought of an anime adaption of the Ace Attorney is awesome. Just imagine… an anime about lawyers who literally have verbal rumbles in court filled with epicness. You can’t get any more unique than that… it would possibly be the BEST visual novel adaption of all time.


I would list some seiyuu that I personally would like to portray the characters… but I felt that most of the voices in the promo were all perfect matches with the characters they were playing. The problem is: I don’t know who’s voicing them. Ugh. (Although The Judge isn’t that big of a problem to choose, given that you can find that typical “old man” voice almost anywhere). For some characters that WEREN’T in the promo, I would say:

Pearl Fey/Harumi AyasatoKaori Fukuhara
Mia Fey/Chihiro AyasatoMayumi Iizuka (Closest voice I can find that matches her Japanese voice clips)
Manfred von Karma/Go KarumaKazuhiro Nakata
Franziska von Karma/Mei KarumaSanae Kobayashi
GodotTetsu Inada

This would the perfect voice cast for Gyakuten Saiban 4 – onward. Naruhodo’s voice sounds absolutely badass and… legendary.

How the episodes will go… I’d like it if the Phoenix Wright/Ryuichi Naruhodo trilogy would be combined into an anime series of its own… about 52 episodes would be enough for that (the bonus case in the first DS game would be an OVA series). And then the new Apollo Justice/Housuke Odoroki trilogy (or whatever number of games his story will be in) would be sort of a “sequel” (maybe it’d be titled… “Gyakuten Saiban II“?).

As for who I want it to be produced by, it should be given to an animation and production company that knows what they’re doing. If handled correctly, we would have an anime adaption that rivals O-HARUHI-SAMA. If handled like crap, we would have another bad game-to-anime transition much like Disgaea and, of course (which goes without saying), Pokémon.

(In terms of animation, I’d like to see it being handled by BONES)

Do YOU want a Phoenix Wright anime?

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17 thoughts on “Gyakuten Saiban Anime – Any Objections?”

  1. That parody promo was quite funny…but dont tell me they actually have 9-minutes ad-clips on Japan TV ? Thats a little…too far.

    Also, the voices were pretty miscasted and…whats the word…indifferent, unengaging.

    As for the anime, you just KNOW they will screw it up. There’ll be fillers about Naru searching for matching socks all day, or something comparably crappy.

    And one more thing, compared to anime series like Detective Academy & Detective Conan, where only the crimes are rather improbable – the Gyakuten games have quite screw-loosed logic all around the place.

  2. @Karry: It’s actually a promo from TGS (Tokyo Games Show).

    IMO, the only REAL bullshit case in the Gyakuten Saiban games was the third case in the second game. The cape just HAPPENED to snag on the statue? What a bad reason to be framed for murder – it’s like it never should’ve happened.

    If a good company did a Gyakuten Saiban anime (again: like BONES, for instance), then there would probably be little fillers, if at all (and some may be good). If a company was to screw it up with crappy fillers, then I’d cry my hearts out since that wasn’t needed in the first place.

  3. I recently finished the first of the phoenix wright series on the ds and I gotta say the game is awesome. Yes, there should be a anime based on this game as the games story is what makes it so great. They could have just made it so that each case was separate but instead as you play through the game you learn about the characters’ pasts as each case is somehow related to the previous ones. The story keeps you in suspense and wanting to know more, a great game that would make a great animated series.

  4. OBJECTION!!! Turning this game into an anime would make it…. far too popular XD

    I’m all for a Phoenix Wright anime!

  5. Okaaaay this is as much as I could find out about who provided the voiceovers for the the Gyakuten Saiban promos released thus far:

    Ryuichi Naruhodo: Takayuki Kondou
    Reiji Mitsurugi: Eiji Takemoto
    Housuke Odoroki: KENN
    Kirihito Garyu: Kenjirou Tsuda

    Yup, only four, ahah! Ahahahahah!

    In the games, tho, they voices are mostly provided by the game makers themselves (the director (Takumi Shuu)=Naruhodo, the movie designer = Odoroki and some lesser known seiyuu and outside people I think may be friends of the staff. Haha… -.-;;

    Also, I agree. I think this would make a great anime. =)

  6. Phoenix = Jun Fukuyama
    Maya = Yukana
    Pearl = Rie Kugimiya
    Mie = Ami Koshimizu
    The Judge = Norio Wakamoto
    Dahlia H = Mai Nakahara “Uso da! Kana Kana?”

  7. OBJCTION!!!or HOLD IT!!!

    The thing is, They just don’t have enough episodes for it. there are only few cases on it. You see..

    Ace Attorney 1= 5 cases
    Ace Attorney 2= 4 cases
    Ace Attorney 3= 5 cases

    Those are for Phoenix Wright only unless if you’ll include the MANGA series.

    Apollo Justice has 4 cases
    Miles Edgeworth has 10 cases.

    So in conclusion, Lack of cases may be a problem but CAPCOM might just need more time to make some new cases. But I still want an ANIME SERIES. That is all, Your Honor.

  8. Anime series don’t always have hundreds of episodes… just look at every seasonal show out there. Even then, the fact that most of the cases would probably be fitted into 2-3 episodes already gives the idea of a Ace Attorney anime a sufficient amount of episodes to be considered standard.

  9. OBJECTION!!!! (to the 2nd above me)

    Each case take me at least 2 days (except for the tutorials) so if we think that you can introduce the beginning of the case (also call 1st investigation) has 1 episode, the first trial and the start of the second investigation has another episode(so end up 2 or 3 episode each), you can easily make 20 episode only for Ace Attorney.

    FIY: Most of the best anime I watch we’re only 20 episode long. Have a nice day all.

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