Shakugan no SHANA II – 11

Dramatic moons make EVERYTHING BETTER!!! T_T

The preparations for the Seishuu Festivals begins, along with Wilhelmina’s return to Misaki City, revealing Yuji’s inevitable fate: the creator of the Reiji Maigo is stll alive, and being the memento of her lover… The Beautiful Whim, Pheles will soon appear to take it back.

Wilhelmina also fins out about Yuji’s silver flame. However, it seems that The Silver has nothing to do his current predicament…

10 EPISODES AND STILL NO URUSAI. Well, at least we get to see some fanservice. Nothing better than some DFC groping. 8D

We’re slowly getting closer and closer to the more better parts of Shana in this series… hopefully (in the case of the anime). And they better be animated good! I’m slowly starting to notice the increase in badly drawn faces as the episodes go by this season – when I saw the GOOD animation during the brief flashbacks to the first series in this episode, I literally started to cry. Get your act together, animation people!

(Heh, Ike gets abused in this episode. Actually, he gets abused a lot. Poor Ike. ^^;;)