back from holiday blog-procrastionation trip

Merry (Belated) Christmas to you guys. Hope you had a good one.

I was busy being lazy (note: oxymorons make me sound like a retard), playing with my new Luminous Arc game – one of my Christmas presents. It’s pretty addicting, considering it’s one of the Nintendo DS‘s only decent Tactical RPG games – a genre of RPG games that I just happen to be a fan of.

But the real reason for it keeping me away from my blog is LUCIA THE MOST AWESOMEST WITCH EVER (note: Using the pseudo-word “awesomest” make me sound like a retard).


Aside from the healers abusing level-ups and the buggy touchscreen interface (honestly, I feel that whenever I choose the highest choice, it always chooses the far bottom one…), I’m lovin’ this game. My only real gripe with it is that they didn’t include the Japanese voices in it (yes, it’s ALMOST fully-voiced – another plus – but a downside to it is that the dubbed voices may not be weaboo-friendly). For you Haruhi fans and annoying Aya Hirano fanboys, Lucia is voiced by Aya Hirano in the Japanese version… which isn’t included in the localized version, so you’d probably haet the shiet out of this game.

It’s not full of as much win compared to Disgaea (if you take out Lucia >=3) by any means, but nevertheless it’s addicting enough for me to neglect my blog purposely. =D

(P.S. I added a spoiler tag plugin, so people don’t go mideviel on me when I write something they could’ve easily avoided)

4 thoughts on “back from holiday blog-procrastionation trip”

  1. @AS: I get what you’re saying. School scrambles EVERYONE’s schedules, even when you’re not going to it. >=(

  2. You post actually reminded me that I have Disgaea 1 and 2 lying around and already catching the dust… bought them over a month ago and I still haven’t played any of them T_T

    Also, Lucia indeed is hawt :3 Makes me wanna play Luminous Arc. But therefore I need a DS… perhaps I can find emulator + game somewhere XD

  3. @natsuneko: H-HAVEN’T PLAYED WITH THEM YET?! Sin!
    lol Probably hard to find a ROM of the game considering it’s licensed. Although,the localized version not including the Japanese voices may have created some… rebels that made a ROM that has the Japanese voices + localized translation. xD
    I heard some elitists hated the dubbed voices so much they actually hacked into the game and did just that. o_O xD

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