IE, you suck T_T

So, one day, my school friend and I were having a nerdy conversation. I asked him if he used Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox . He replies, saying that he uses Internet Explorer (6) and he honestly doesn’t see the differences between using one or the other.


First of all, I had a lot of headaches back when I was blogging on Blogger and when I posted on web forums using IE. When my internet or the cruddy servers (be it Blogger or the web forum) go out, I usually found myself cursing at my computer because my 30-inched post was LOST. All the hard work, down the drain. Every time I used IE, my lazy *** (hey, don’t blame me. 99.9 % of the population lost a lot of their patience once they created DSL and cable internet) was forced to save a lot of my stuff in text files beforehand until I hit that submit button. Now, when I began to use Mozilla Firefox, which I was hearing good things about (shut up, this isn’t about Opera), get this – whenever I came across that evil “PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED” monster, I simply just pressed the back button on the browser and (OH DEAR!) MY POSTS WERE STILL THERE rather then the INFORMATION LOST crap IE gives us! The posting interface on WordPress is also screwy on Internet Explorer (whenever you save posts with a lot of pictures, you can’t switch to using the HTML code editor – which I use more compared to the visual editor).

Secondly, my computer used to be a damn virus magnet when I was using Internet Explorer. That is, until I started to use Firefox. Mozilla Firefox makes surfing through porn websites a lot easier.

Lastly, I don’t watch porn. I DON’T WATCH PORN.


  1. You don’t watch porn, you fap to it. Pardon the off-color joke. 😛

    Doesn’t WP/Blogger save your posts every so often automatically as a draft anyway? Still, I won’t disagree that Firefox is the superior browser, and I don’t think that’s out of Microsoft hate (since I do like Windows and all).

    Good to see you alive and blogging…I think. XD

  2. @CCYoshi: Yeah, but when your internet connection goes down, you get that ugly “failed to connect to server” (or something) in place of that line where it tells you that the time the post is saved. If you don’t notice that thing, you’re pretty much screwed.

    Windows is the bomb (ignoring Vista), but I have to say that IE is pretty less superior compared to Firefox [lolifox] and Opera.

    And yeah, I’m alive and blogging. I haven’t had anything decent to say in the past month because finals suck.
    Love the new site, btw.

  3. @Spyhunter: Agreed.
    @AS: About that… I’m gonna go away for a few minutes to shower because a girl’s waiting for me to get her a Valentine’s gift. (xD)

  4. “Lastly, I don’t watch porn. I DON’T WATCH PORN.”

    You remind me of Jimmy Two Times from Goodfellas. Except in denial.

    I’ve been too lazy to switch from IE to anything else. I should, though, because on the rare occasion a large forum post is lost leading to three minutes of cursing that would make a sailor blush.

  5. @HellKorn: Make a sailor blush? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Yeah, the forum usually goes down when I’m making a post… to my dismay, and thank goodness Firefox saved me from losing all those posts from falling into a pit hole of despair.

    … In denial? >:

  6. Personally I hate IE ever since I started coding layouts, it just doesn’t display things the same way as many other browsers. Despite annoying web developers I also find its much safer to browse with Firefox due to its handy plugins, not to mention tabbed browsing which firefox had before ie.

  7. @TokiDoki: Yeah, although admittedly I like how IE can display colored scrollbars while Firefox has some trouble with that. (^^;;)

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