Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations 02

SNAP. CRACKLE. POP. Syaoran loves his cereal.

That’s it. I love you Production I.G. ♥

Ew. To be honest, all the blood in this episode was disgusting.

But that’s a good thing. I’m just a wimp, because the blood in the MANGA made me queezy too. D<

But I’ll just let my testosterone kick in and say HURRAY FOR EVERYBODY WANTING to KILL EACH OTHER. I feel sorry for Fay though, he really believed in Clone!Syaoran. All he wanted to do was to bring him and Sakura laughter.

But I had enough thought on that when I read the manga.

… Subaru’s a girl? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?! Or is Kamui actually talking about Sakura. if so, that’s just effin’ disgusting.

Shinsen-Subs, WHY?!! D<


Oh dear, two Syaorans in one place.

Sakura might as well get an orgasm on sight, if you take away the fact that everybody is clawing each other’s eyes out (no pun intended).

The seal holding back the inner Cardcaptor Sakura fanboy in me is about to break.

I liked how they used “A Song of Storm and Fire” during Real!Syaoran’s totally badass speech and battle. It really reminded me of how much I loved the background music of TRC. Yuki Kajiura for the win <3

I will describe these two badasses as badass as many times as I can, since there is no better word to describe badass than badass.


Sakura would be enjoying that, if you take away the fact that Syaoran just became an insane killing machine that rips apart peoples’ eye sockets and then eats them.

Do I sense a bit of human emotion there?! It’s a little bit more unnoticeable in the manga, but it’s there. I like how the anime shows it more clearly.

This makes sense, considering the whole “body memories” thing.

Now I want some ×××HOLiC to go with my Tsubasa Chronicle. (:

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  1. @Danny Choo: Not really a blood filled anime, just towards the last half of it. This just happens to be the beginning of that half. 😛

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