My Kind of Restaurant

This piece of news that I read about 4 days ago is pretty amusing.

Apparently, a bunch of girls were waiting over two hours for their order at a restaurant and were making a pretty big fuss about it. When their order finally came, they found something very interesting at the top of the receipt.

Okay, I’m laughing my ass off right now. Seriously, if I was them, I would’ve got up and left the restaurant after waiting over two hours for this expensive crap. If I was one of the staff working at that place, I wouldn’t have printed that shit out or else risk losing a day job. ;/ Heh, a “free meal” won’t cut it, if I was them, I would never come back to that place again unless the bastard that printed that out was fired (which he probably was)… But at the same time, I would find the receipt hilarious and keep it as a memento.

$0.00 for a “SUCK MY **** F*** FACE” meal? I’ll take it, sounds pretty appetizing. (;

6 thoughts on “My Kind of Restaurant”

  1. It sounds good to you lol, we need to start talking more lol. I want to get to know how your mind thinks. Of course that was sarcasm that you wrote but lol, nice.

  2. @AS: Hey, if it’s free, I’ll take it. 😉
    lol Yeah, I was just being sarcastically gay there. xD

  3. Why in the hell they waited so long at a restaurant is beyond me.

    Granted, I’m not trying to justify them receiving that kind of insult, but they obviously can’t be the brightest bulbs in the bunch…

    Anyway, that kind of pricing would put prostitution out of business, I guarantee you that.

  4. Oh god, that last sentence was the best line of restaurant critism I’ve ever heard. And it was so sadly true.

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