Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations 03

Seriously, I think my inner Cardcaptor Sakura fanboy just squealed in excitement seeing that little CCS!Sakura cameo in this episode. <3 Wait… a CCS!Sakura cameo? What the hell were they thinking?! THAT’S JUST TOO F*CKING AWESOME! >D

Looks like this last OVA episode concludes the orgasmic anime adaptation of one of my favorite arcs of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. Kind of unfortunate that BeeTrain decided to screw up while getting closer to the part of the story where it actually starts to pull out the unique plot twists and starts to get pretty exciting, or else the televised anime would’ve been a lot better than it should. Production I.G. really impressed me with this set of OVA episodes – fluid animation, great transition between manga and anime scenes, murderously good pacing that makes you want to break into the studio (gun in hand) and demand for more, and great voice direction. Basically, it’s everything the anime was good at without the things it wasn’t, replacing those with even better stuff (they kept the basic soundtrack from the anime intact with some new tunes and the voices, which should really stay as it is). I really hope that these OVA episodes sold well enough for them to animate the rest of the manga. (:

Sakura. <3 Don’t you just want to hug the poor thing after seeing what she’s been through? D=

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  1. I hope they animate another season and not just a few ova eps, when it comes to a long running series, a few eps to end it off doesn’t cut it.

  2. @TokiDoki: If the season’s animated by Production I.G., then I’m all up for that! (: Of course, they’d have to find another network to broadcast it since the series gets mildly violent from here on.

    The manga’s nearing its end right now and there’s just a few more worlds after this one, so making an OVA series on each arc isn’t totally impossible either.

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