Shakugan no SHANA II (17-23)

Wow, the second season was really a bumpy ride and as I expected – it’ll all end at episode 24 (… it sort of confirmed itself when the ending song and the credits played while the episode was still going on). Starting off with a really unnecessary filler arc, long spans of boring episodes with no real plot development (IKE’S AMUSEMENT BARF-FEST, I’M LOOKING AT YOU), facepalm-riffic GAMBAREMASU nods (*nods* Yoshida: I won’t lose *nods* Shana: I won’t lose too o|ï¿£|_), and inconsistent animation throughout the whole thing (J.C.Staff, shouldn’t you have a much larger budget for one of your most popular shows?). Despite all that, my favorite moments have happened during these episodes.

Yuji gains a lot of combat development as well as character development during these past episodes. He started kicking ass with his Blutsauger and snapped a Tomogara’s neck for Pete’s sake! (Though… what would really make anime-styled Yuji complete is if he had at least one creepy conversation with himself in a mirror. xD) I really hope the season ends with him turning evil. :3

Yoshida barely changed – although she’s still holding onto that little bit of hope of getting together with Yuji. I bet she’ll go into a state of depression later on, as I predict Yuji yelling out Shana’s name (“the person he chooses to protect”) judging from the preview. Ouch. Aside from the horrible fact that Yuji screaming is ****ing awful, it would really be a stab in the heart for her. Such dramatics. She’d probably be better off losing to the initial challenge she set up with Shana (which is, by the way, a pretty romantic challenge in my opinion ♥).

Shana winning an epic battle against Sabrac with an extended version of JOINT playing as a battle tune was really the one thing I liked the most, despite the fact that they should have animated it better.

It’s been a really tough ride throughout this whole season. Really, an anime adaptation of a really interesting and fun set of fantasy light novels should have done better than what Shakugan no SHANA II coughed up most of the time!

I’ll write up my thoughts on the last episode when I get around to watching it.

2 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II (17-23)”

  1. Whoa, it’s Kyou now, not Shana. Seems like she’s gotten a lot of the blogosphere with her storage room antics. XD

    Good to see you posting now and then, and I’d agree with a lot of what you’ve said about Shana II despite it being my first contact with the series.

    It’s gotten good over the last few episodes, and despite the love triangle being painfully onesided (seriously, Kazumi, get with Ike already, it’s better for the both of you. XD) it’s been quite entertaining.

    Well, assuming they didn’t just wipe out Margery with one fling of the wrist in episode 23. I figure they would drag it out if they did anything serious to her. >_>

  2. CCYoshi: I’d feel sorry for Ike though. Being in a relationship where the girl only sees you as a second-place runner up might suck emotionally. ): LOL The power of Flame Haze purifying plot devices will save Margery, no sweat.

    Yeah, seems this blog has become a “post when I feel like it” type of thing rather than the “posting almost everyday” thing it started as. I feel more comfortable that way, though.
    And XD at Kyou actually uncrowning Shana and the Rozen Maiden characters as a banner mascot.

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