Shakugan no SHANA II – FINAL

(I’m way overdo. Whoever took me off their blogrolls, I love you too. )

This series was disappointing in many ways, and when I thought it would redeem all of that by having an awesome final… it didn’t. Leaving a crappy open-end for a possible third season isn’t the way to go, especially since most of us have waited over half a year for the second season, which (once again) didn’t turn out all that well. Are they *really* expecting us to wait another year (or a possible two) for a third season and get our hopes up, only to give us another lower-than-standard quality production in the end (may I remind you that moé-styled art is only good when it’s accompanied by decent animation and storytelling)? Apparently Carmel-san lied to us about this season having “more action” than the last, since most of this season’s potential “action” was scrapped in favor of turning SHANA into a harem and focusing on the tedious love-triangle.

Also, I don’t know why I should even call the ending to this season an “open-end”, at least for the love-triangle. It’s really unbelievable that Yuji/Kazumi fans are hanging on to the bit of hope that Yuji picked Yoshida in the end. For most of you that watched the final, you can see that’s really sad desperation. No offense to people who support the relationship, but it’s written in stone that Yuji and Shana are meant for each other in the series – Kazumi didn’t really have any hope from the get-go.

Though, I would say that J.C.Staff most likely would come up with a half-assed way of killing that small, yet largest trace of resolution the love-triangle ever had this season.

Screw you, J.C.Staff.

I'll let my Asian pride do the talking.

Sit down, urusai, and try not to disappoint. Simple.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong – I still love SHANA. It’s just that the anime is so… so… *facepalm*

3 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II – FINAL”

  1. I thought the closing parts of Shana II were pretty good … except for the final few minutes, like you said. I spent them looking at the clock and then back at the show, silently screaming “Hurry up hurry up hurry up!!”

    It didn’t work. The biggest confession we got in this season was Ike to Yoshida, and, while I liked that, I was hoping for a more important one. Nope.

    I fully expect a retcon next season; as I said, “Shana’s just happy because she saw the melonpan truck drive by, and Yoshida’s just sad because she got snow in her eye, so they’ll be on even ground in Season 3.”

    The least they can do for the third season is make the love triangle mildly entertaining and not have both the contestants give up on their dreams just because of one green-haired girl (cough, cough).

    Still anticipating the third season, but I really wish the story would at least move forward a bit aside from incrementing Yuuji’s power level.

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  3. I still love you xD. I love Shana and thats it ^^; I watch Shana for Shana ;p. Sll the love nonsense is pointless, like you said, everyone knows how its going to end.

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