7 thoughts on “Mononoke… dansen?”

  1. Oh. God. Now I’m trying to think about a series that is even more obscure and unsuitable for Caramelldansen than Mononoke. Maybe Paranoia Agent?

  2. @Sasa: I don’t know, Paranoia Agent seems equally as obsure as Mononoke.

    I’m going to say Pale Cocoon on this…

  3. I’m still holding out for the Mushishi Caramelldansen, myself.

    But if it’s obscure you want, how about something like Porfy no Nagai Tabibito or something? =P

  4. 0rion: Oh gosh, I’ve searched and SEARCHED, but I’ve NEVER managed to find a Mushi-Shi dansen.

    It’s (Mushi-Shi) too awesome for that Swedish pile of fun, anyway. >:

  5. More obscure than Mononoke?


    I’d laugh my ass off at watching Doc and Ichise do that dance.

  6. @HellKorn: Maybe if I get off my lazy ass, get a new computer, and draw-up some nice flash animation, maybe we can work something out? 😉

  7. But that would mean you are capable of self-motivation!
    Whatever you turned up would definitely be better than mine, though. I have a few artistic talents that I’m proud of, but drawing is not one of them.

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