FMA anime… Oh, sweet memories

While scrounging around for some of my Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs, I found Volume 2 (Scarred Man of the East) and was reminded of how the anime *used* to be somewhat better than the manga before it went off-track. For example, Nina’s death in the manga (while still sad) was not as much of a tearjerker as it was in the anime, especially when the anime added in that Barry the Chopper subplot.

The anime wasn’t as bad compared to the manga as some fans say it was, but it is still inferior to the manga. Especially toward the end, where contradictions started to pop out of the shithole and the writing does become somewhat bad. Of course, FMA is still one of the most decent shounen anime I’ve seen in my lifetime (god forbid fillers to actually be watchable!). Despite the crazy scenario of “what if Bones had more source material to work with at the time of producing the anime”, the outcome of the anime would have been no diffent because the author, Hiromu Arakawa, actually wanted the anime to be different. Knowing that, I’d say it ended on a better note compared to crap like, say, InuYasha… which was supposed to be the same as the manga.

I generally enjoy my anime to be different than my manga/novel, unless it’s an anime with alterations leading to no significance whatsoever (Shakugan no SHANA and Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to mind).

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have liked to see an anime that was closer to the manga, which made a helluva lot more sense than the anime did.

So yeah, Winry FMA rocked, gg.

6 thoughts on “FMA anime… Oh, sweet memories”

  1. @Inuhanyou: There’s a new FMA anime? Never heard of it. Or are you talking about a “what if” scenario here?

  2. @mundox: OH SHI-! When I originally read that post, I only skimmed through it.

    Now I’m pumped, thanks for the info! Could’ve known about it much earlier, but due to my incompetence… 😛

    (Now I’ll have a chance to blog about something that I’ll be certainly watching… Something that I won’t be lazy with. ): )

    Seeing how well they did the fillers in the inferior version of the anime, I’m sure this one won’t suck even if it somehow catches up to the manga due to the circumstances. >D

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