.hack//G.U. TRILOGY (movie)

.hack//G.U. TRILOGY

What can I say? The cellshaded, video game-like animation in this movie was awesome. Along with the superb direction of fighting choreography, the action in this movie was absolutely kickass. To tell the truth, if it was just another run-of-the-mill, hand-drawn, and digitally colored anime movie by Bee Train, I wouldn’t have payed attention to the action as much as I would’ve payed attention to the can of coke I was drinking to pass the time, thinking: “When the hell is this shit going to be over?” The anime portion of the .hack franchise has always took a nice direction in character development, but certainly not the action (count on the games to take care of that). This movie was a great balance of both, and it was really like watching a video game. Great graphics, good eye-candy.

Unfortunately, watching a video game and playing a video game are two totally different things. When taking the G.U. games into account… I honestly don’t know if I should really recommend this movie to anyone.

Haseo is constipated

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