Soul Eater 01

Anyone else imagined that Soul would have a Romi Paku-like male voice if animated (… probably just me), and was surprised by the voice of choice? Granted, I liked it, but hearing a badass-sounding Roxas coming out of his mouth shocked the hell out of me.

Rather than painfully blogging through all the episodes I’m behind on, I’ll marathon this and will eventually catch up up to the most recently aired episode. First episode says it all: count on Bones to deliver non-shoddy shounen action scenes (thank God if the rumors of them animating a new FMA anime are true). Maka’s voice is smexy, Death Scythe’s a horny bastard, and Blair’s as loaded as ever. Black Star sounds a little too young… no, feminine, but meh. EDIT – Take that back. Second episode has him clearly sounding like Laharl (Disgaea), even though it’s a completely different seiyuu. That is win in my eyes!

I find myself addicted to the opening song by T.M. Revolution (maybe because this is the first time in a while that I’ve heard him sing such an awesome song solo?) EDIT – Sounds like kickass ringtone-material, no?

(According to the fansubbers, since I’m only watching the Late Night version, my soul is in danger. ( ̄へ ̄))

4 thoughts on “Soul Eater 01”

  1. I really love Soul Eater too, and I find Maka’s voice smexy as well! XD

    Lucky you can marathon anime, I get headaches after a couple of episodes lols if I watch it in one day

  2. @blissmo: Well, it’s not like I watch that much when I “marathon”. lol Watch just enough episodes so I could catch up in a couple of days or so. It really helps when you have nothing to do during summer. ^^;;

    *friends are assholes*

    Anyways, Maka’s voice is the one I really like the most at the moment. Black Star comes second due to him sounding an awful lot like Laharl. Soul’s is pretty damn awesome, but really contrasts to what I’d thought he’d sound like. o_O

  3. Ahh Soul Eater. I’m way behind in that series too. I have it all downloaded, just have had no time to sit down and marathon it all. Maybe I’ll finally get around to watching it now that you’ve reminded me how much fun it is. =D

    And as for voices, while the cast is just great all around I gotta say, I especially love Tsubaki’s voice.

  4. @0rion: The way her voice changes into sweet —> evil when Black Star peeks on her is quite amazing.

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