Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 86

FMA Chapter 86

Ed finally meets Pride face-to-face. Okay, not really, since the little bugger’s main body was hiding in the shadows and Mr. Lion King Heinckel was the one that was majorly kicking Pride’s ass (although Pride’s facial expression says otherwise). Oh man, I hope he doesn’t die.

Win on many levels
(Maka from Soul Eater and Edward Elric are best buds! :DDD A really nice joint-illustration from this month’s Shōnen Gangan)

Old man has a plan

According to the scanlation I read, Grumman intends on framing Mustang and Armstrong as “traitors of the military” and plans on seizing power by making himself look like a hero. I’m sitting here, hoping that Arakawa is just messing with our minds, because I really liked that camp sonova’ b!tch. T~T

Why does everyone hate Ed? ):

Something tells me he did that on purpose… (;


FMA says NO to child abuse!

Yu-Gi-Oh!-esque split-personalities?

Greed lets Ling regain control of his body for the moment, and guess what? He’s kicking major ass.

Ran Fan is sexy, the end

Ran Fan is ****ing ownage! Gluttony dies again?! Take that, you cannibalistic bastard! Heh, maybe not…

Really great chapter (although, lack of Winry and Hawkeye made me sad, and Ed barely did anything aside from causing the blackout and being the center of abuse). Can’t wait to see the outcome of Pride and Heinckel’s battle (oh man, I hope he lives!) and find out if Grumman is really a bad guy.

These month-long waits for chapters have always killed me inside, but it ensures quality and the full extent of Hiromu Arakawa’s genius. Must spread the FMA manga love!

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