Eve no Jikan (ONA) 01

Are you enjoying the time of EVE?

Had this in my watch-bin for quite a while now because I heard it was really good, although I had a problem getting the subtitles to work, so I watched it without em’. First glance? Superb animation. Got a gist of some of the things that were said, and it seemed like a very interesting story.

After I finally got the subtitles to work? The story was just as I expected, but more. What we have here is big potential for a captivating, compelling narrative. The only thing that would weigh the story down is, without reading a REAL impressionable review, you’d think that this story would jump into a cliché human/robot story. Guess what?

It’s not.

The difference between how the androids “function” inside and outside of the café brings up a question that is likely to be explored in the next installments. Is it possible for an artificially-created android to act independently without their master’s command? In a general viewpoint, are they really all that different from humans? Everything is portrayed quite realistically, from what I can tell, in this episode. As we see in the ONA, some of their owners treat them like crap because they *assume* the androids are mindless drones. A great contrast to how we see Akiko and friends act in the café: they have real, humanly feelings.

The direction, the animation, the underlying tone and message of the story – all leading to a perfectly good setup for something potentially big.

My interests have been sparked. Can’t wait for the other five episodes.

5 thoughts on “Eve no Jikan (ONA) 01”

  1. @blissmo: Counting this episode, it’ll run for six. Great way to flesh out the story, because if you put them all together, you get a movie. 😮

  2. So what did you think of the twist? It’s somewhat expected, but I found that it works. Really emphasizes the different attitudes and sense of freedoms that these androids.

    Oh, and I like all of the female characters introduced so far. Surprisingly. I mean, experience told me that Yoshiura doesn’t go for those easily-scrapped moe blobs (doesn’t give into easy simplifications for either gender), but still…

    Can’t wait for more. But the two month waits are gonna be painful!

  3. @HellKorn: The execution of the twist was expected, but seeing the way it was executed, it totally didn’t matter.
    … The wait will be painful, indeed, but given how long it will be, I’m sure they’re serious about delivering.

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