The Lucky 7 Anime Gimmicks. Learn them. Love them. Hate them.

1. moéblobs
moéblob \’mō-ā-ˈbläb\ noun, moéblobs

A person, usually a female character, that is considered cute and/or beautiful by many (“moé”), usually men. However, most of the time, they serve no purpose to the overall story and are created solely for the purpose of inducing erections for adolescents going under puberty, horny men, and/or 30-year-old virgins (see: fanservice) and in some instances, lolicons (see: loli). In rare cases, they are guys (see: trap).

Example: Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a moéblob.

Not to be confused with moéblob ANIME, which are usually filled with a shitload of win if you’re looking for cute stuff.

Example: Potemayo is a moéblob anime.

2. trap
trap \’trap\ noun, verb, traps, trapped, trap·ping


1. A boy, whose body structure, face, and voice make up the superficial perception of what the perfect girl should look and sound like. Their purpose is more apparent in adult visual novels, existing solely to make a guy feel horribly owned.

2. Same as above, only people know that said trap is a guy, but just don’t give a crap.

Example: Jun from Happiness! is a trap.
Mikoto from The Otaku Spot is a trap.

Not to be confused with futanari, which isn’t boys that look like girls. Rather, it’s girls that have dicks.

To be trapped means that you have fallen victim to these beautiful men. End result usually includes parents and/or friends walking in on you, witnessing unzipped pants and a dick on your computer screen during the moment of truth.

Synonyms include: bad luck, owned, become an hero, gdammit, oh shi-!, unfunny 4chan meme

Trapping is the same thing as being trapped, only you’re the one causing it.

Synonyms include: “I’m a guy =D <3"

3. loli
loli \lō-ˈlē\ noun, lolis


It, for some reason, stems from the word “lolita” which means “seductive young girl”, hmmm… /omfgpedoalert

In anime terms, it means a character that’s a cute, little girl (in appearance). Age usually doesn’t matter as long as they’re small and their chest size doesn’t go past one centimeter (usually. Eiken doesn’t count.).

Examples: Louise from Zero no Tsukaima is a loli.
There are no notable loli bloggers.

Not to be confused with a lolli (a sugary substance used to suck on) or lolicon, a sick person who bounds and gags such characters and stuffs them into closets. Or a person that happens to like characters such as these. Hey, I’m no dictionary!

Example: Impz is a lolicon, Konata’s dad from Lucky Star is like a lolicon

4. fanservice
fanservice \ˈfan-sər-vəs\ noun, adjective


1. Catering to fans in a multitude of good ways.

2. An apology for coming up with complete crap.

3. An apology for coming up with an anime that’s complete crap, and caters to fans by showing a multitude of big breasts, panty shots, girls kissing, guys kissing, and border-line porn.

Example: Eiken is a crappy fanservice anime.

5. reverse trap
reverse trap \ri-ˈvÉ™rs-‘trap\ noun

Females that look like males. All guys are hot for them. No exceptions. The opposite of a trap (see: trap).

Example: Mikoto has no examples of a reverse trap.

6. GAR moé
GAR moé \ˈgār-‘mō-ā\ adjective


1. Kamina if he was a girl.

2. A cute and/or beautiful girl that has manly traits that make her a good example of female badassery. The complete opposite of a moéblob (see: moéblob). Female equivalent of GAR (see: GAR).

Example: Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is GAR moé.

7. GAR
GAR \ˈgār\ adjective


1. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. A historical hero that died for our sins.

2. A heroic, manly, confident, determined, and badass male character. This type of character has the traits that would make any straight man gay for him without the need of becoming a trap (see: trap) and aims to inspire you. Not to mention, take you to the skies. Female characters are considered GAR moé (see: GAR moé).

Example: Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is GAR.
Soul from Soul Eater is GAR.
Epic Win Blog is GAR.
GAR GAR Stegosaurus is GAR.


Ah, gimmicks that rake in a fanbase like no tomorrow. I’d say the last two are the most positive gimmicks by far. But hey, that’s just me.

If you like moéblobs and fanservice, all the power to you, I guess!

10 thoughts on “The Lucky 7 Anime Gimmicks. Learn them. Love them. Hate them.”

  1. Hmm… I am a borderline-loli anime blogger… but I am not noteworthy.

    As for reverse traps, there are quite a few, perhaps the most obvious being Haruka from the Sailor Moon manga. Akira from Mai-Hime is also a reverse trap.

  2. @A Day Without Me: *pats loli on head* You’re noteworthy to me!

    Funnily enough, and unfortunately, I didn’t have Sailor Moon or Mai-Hime in mind at the time of making this post. ;; And I was hot for Haruka too

  3. I literally starting choking when I saw female-Kamina.

    Fanservice shouldn’t be considered strictly sexual, though. I mean, I like fanservice of certain types, I guess.

    By the way, this: “Not to be confused with a lolli (a sugary substance used to suck on)…”? I mean, that’s just begging for sexual euphenisms and/or poking fun at otaku.

  4. @HellKorn: “Catering to fans in a multitude of good ways” can mean many things. For example, I consider the DBZ movies fanservice because they show fans what they’d LIKE to see, but can’t be shown in the show otherwise. And so on.
    Although the more popular definition for fanservice would be number 3. But then again, I’m no dictionary!
    Hm, I thought I was poking fun at lolicon otaku the first time I wrote that. 😉

  5. @A Day Without Me: Dinosaurs are GAR. No questions. And drunk blogging is GAR moé, which also makes it GAR.

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