New FMA anime – No longer just a rumor

Hagaren 2

Anime News Network confirms a new FMA anime in the works, to be announced on the latest volume of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

All I have to say… if it’s based on the manga (which, by the by, is still ongoing. READ! READ!), then this is awesome news. If it’s a continuation of the original anime, it should burn in the trash for all I care.

5 thoughts on “New FMA anime – No longer just a rumor”

  1. All I can say is… nice

    I actually follow FMA manga, so I’m really looking forward to the anime adaption (dunno how they’ll introduce it, but meh)

  2. @VIn-nii: I’m also skeptical on how they’re planning on beginning this thing (assuming they’re deciding on faithfully adapting the manga all over again). If they start from the beginning, it’ll all be predictable seeing as the original anime was somewhat faithful to the manga up until the point of Greed’s introduction. Maybe they’ll start from that point in the original anime and branch it off as an “alternate” story?

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