Eve no Jikan Act 02

After watching the second installment, it’s come to my conclusion that this little ONA series will probably become very memorable to me because of it’s excellent execution of a theme that’s already been done before.

Act 02 brings in a very perplex element to the story which further adds to the difficulties in differentiating a human from a machine – that door that locks itself for a certain amount of time after being opened, giving the customers enough time to get a good distance away from the café, avoiding any followers that would spot the “rings” above their heads or lack thereof. None of the characters could really know who really is what unless they happen to come across them in the outside world or outright state his/her “social label” inside the café (which would be breaking the important golden rule in the café to begin with).

This episode also implies that it isn’t the café that gives the androids the emotional characteristics of humans (it certainly gives them the ability to get rid of those head-rings, though!) – it’s the fact that in the outside world, they are bound to the basic rules of being an android laid out upon them, yet in the café, they are free of these rules and act the way they truly are. I believed this to be the case, seeing as “Sammy” definitely had a mind of her own outside of the café with both her speech (as monotone as they may have been) and her actions (lying to master).

Ah, delving into the artistic storytelling of an animated series could be tiresome sometimes, but it beats lying around doing homework all day. Eve no Jikan makes me want to go out and befriend those bullied kids that badly need someone to talk to.

Are you enjoying the time of EVE?


Cosplay Corner – Asuka Langley Soryu (Arisa Mizuhara)

Arisa Mizuhara is honestly one of my favorite Japanese cosplayers. Along with her absolutely adorable appearance, she has really high quality costumes (I believe she makes them herself :P) that make her look absolutely kickass during the final product. Her male cosplay is great too, even better compared to real male cosplay (er, no offense to all you angry male cosplayers out there! ^^;;).

She always manages to bring out the essence of the characters she cosplays as in an very excellent way, and that’s the very reason why I just adore seeing any cosplay pictures of her compared to anything else that people take! Her site can be found here. Now, let’s take a look at one of her cosplays as Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Lex as in Lex Luthor? Wait, no it’s just that Asian kid.

xxstevenlexx = Steven Lex

Lex = Lex Luthor

Ergo, I am Steven Luthor Lex. Something like that. Unfortunately, my name is Steven Le, so that kind of ruins the whole gag. Some a few none of you may remember me, but I was a shortlived video game reviewer here on The Weaboo Otaku Spot, until I was savagely euthanized by Mikoto.

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Hagaren 2 Trailer

Finally watched the trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist 2. This puts the nail in the coffin that there is going to be an anime that’s faithfully based off the manga. Ed isn’t in his little get-up from the movie and Al’s soul is still bound to a suit of armor, not to mention that the announcer said “Kyoudai no tabi na hajimeru!” (“The brothers’ journey is about to begin!”). Also notice that they just simply called it “Fullmetal Alchemist” instead of “FMA 2” or whatever (lol’d at the announcer’s attempt to pronounce Fullmetal Alchemist in English).

After reading all the discussions regarding this new FMA trailer, I’ve truly concluded that within the anime fandom, the FMA manga is horribly underrated.

lololol didn dey end it with teh movie