Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, “I am your father” (spoilers thar)

Quick summary of what happened in past chapters: Sakura (clone) dies and Syaoran (clone) has a strange reaction to her death as seen in this panel. Syaoran (real), Fay/Yuui, and Kurogane/Youou (or as the horrible abomination of an anime horribly goofed-up very early in the series, Haganemaru) go back to Clow Country, which is currently stuck in a time-loop where each day repeats itself.

Finally, after all this time traveling with the real Syaoran, we finally get some insight about his back-story. CLAMP continues to screw with our minds yet again with more of their famous plot twists in Tsubasa. It seems our beloved characters from Cardcaptor Sakura (Sakura and Syaoran) have a part to play in the story of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- and ×××HOLiC… as the parents of the “real” Syaoran of Tsubasa!

CCS Syaoran fangirls go “OMFG SYAORAN’S CHIN <333333 :DDD”

Was I surprised about this? You bet your f**king money on it. It didn’t make sense to me, at first… that is, how is it possible that a man would produce a child that has the exact same soul and name as himself? Does that mean that (real) Syaoran has a mother-complex because he’s in love with the Sakura of Tsubasa? Of course, this feeling of confusion quickly disappeared when I found out that the Syaoran in Tsubasa is a COMPLETELY different being as opposed to his father from CCS, whose name he merely borrowed.

But then there’s still the problem of Syaoran having a mother-complex (l0lzer). CLAMP loves to portray their characters in forbidden relationships, but I don’t recall them ever going far enough into a screwed-up level like this. Easy answer: The Sakura in Tsubasa isn’t the same Sakura as Syaoran’s mother. These chapters heavily imply that Sakura isn’t her real name… and a set rule in CLAMP’s universe prevents Sakura from getting together with any alternate-universe counterpart of her own son (no matter what the universe, you’ll always love the same person). This also means that everybody currently in the main group has lied about their true identities at one point or another (except for Mokona)…

Aside from my initial impressions with this little twist, it’s easy to guess what my remaining thoughts on how CLAMP included our beloved CCS characters into the story are just by taking a deep look into my fanboy-mindset: しゃおさくは可愛いの二人ですよ!!! (゚ー゚)(。_。)ウンウン
Because CLAMP never bothered to give us a kiss between the two adorable characters in CCS, it’s nice to know that Syaoran and Sakura took their relationship… three steps beyond that. 😀

We also find out that Watanuki from ×××HOLiC was born to fill in the void of existence left behind by (real) Syaoran due to him paying for his wish with his “time”. This explains their mysterious connection throughout the two series, somewhat. There lies something that poses a problem within my heart, though… This makes Watanuki Sakura and Syaoran’s son, since he was created to fill in the gap of relationships left behind by Syaoran during his life. If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean they’re dead? (Noooooooooooo~! >: There goes my fanboy fantasy…) Of course, this is a GREAT explanation on how Watanuki had that “WTF IS THIS REALLY…?!”-look on his face when he saw Yuuko’s plastic model of Sakura’s wand back in volume one of ×××HOLiC. But DAMN, if they really are dead, I’m going to cry. We all know that dead people can’t come back to life in the CLAMP universe. But, this would explain the addition of that ghostly CCS Sakura lookalike in the OVA…

Now, the final confrontation between Fei Wong Reed and the protagonists are about to begin. I really hope, by this time, (clone) Syaoran is regaining his heart that he had before he turned insane (there’s no denying he DIDN’T have a heart, people! At least, I refuse to believe he didn’t…). I noticed something weird with the clone’s facial expressions and the way he was acting during chapters 205 and 206, so I really hope this is the case. While I worry about that, all the FaiKuro fans are having a ball with the recent chapter…

Splash page for Chapitre 206 says “We want you back!!”

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