Cosplay Corner – Asuka Langley Soryu (Arisa Mizuhara)

Arisa Mizuhara is honestly one of my favorite Japanese cosplayers. Along with her absolutely adorable appearance, she has really high quality costumes (I believe she makes them herself :P) that make her look absolutely kickass during the final product. Her male cosplay is great too, even better compared to real male cosplay (er, no offense to all you angry male cosplayers out there! ^^;;).

She always manages to bring out the essence of the characters she cosplays as in an very excellent way, and that’s the very reason why I just adore seeing any cosplay pictures of her compared to anything else that people take! Her site can be found here. Now, let’s take a look at one of her cosplays as Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Costume Quality: 4/5

The most important thing about cosplay is making sure your costumes don’t look like they’re falling apart (like some of those rare occasions when you come across a person complaining about their cheaply-made costumes dying out on them at AX. Put some effort into it, man!). Luckily, I see none of those flaws in this picture.

Of course, a simple design comes out with simple results.

Hair Color: 5/5

Obviously, if your natural hair color doesn’t match with the character you’re portraying, you’ll have to find some way to match their [crazy] hair colors. Getting cheap-looking wigs and sticking them on your head never looks good.

Our beautiful cosplay-idol here dyed her hair with a nice, natural-looking color that doesn’t give you the same “/facepalm at the pointless attempt at bleaching your hair and then adding a rainbow of fail-looking colors“-feeling. Dressing up as a character with fairly natural-looking hair that matches your facial structure is always a good thing.

Character Accuracy: 5/5

Honestly, looking at her from head to toe (aside from getting teh 00ber b0nerz), I’d call her her the “IRL!Asuka Langley Soryu”. Her costume is 100% accurate to the actual characters’ outfit, she even has the A10 nerve clips on her head!

I swear, her body structure is exactly the same as Asuka.

(Yeah, I realize that the hair color doesn’t seem to match with the picture of Asuka that I posted above, however, it’s faithful to the actual color palette in the anime).

Final Score: 4/5/4.5

Arisa Mizuhara is awesome. Is that her pretending to be Asuka pretending to be Haruhi? 😀 Epixawesomewinage. My shouta-partner Steven Lex is probably fapping so hard right now. :s Ah, poor lil’ guy will suffer because of this new feature.

Now, excuse me while I go take a coffee break.

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