CLAMP: Knife in one hand, condom in the other

This is such a sweet image *raises fist*

CLAMP, I’m tsundere~ for you.

ツンツン (tsuntsun): TRC Chapitre 207-212


The recent chapters of Tsubasa are filled with so many plot revelations, I feel like they’re all streaming through my head all-too-quickly. This series being full of time paradoxes causing the logic of the multi-universe to fall apart? Check. The Acid Rain Tokyo world and Clow Country actually being the same dimension, only in different time points? Check. Kyle’s existence merely being sword fodder? Check. Clone!Syaoran developed a heart all along? Check.

What sucks is that CLAMP kills off our lovable, original protagonist RIGHT WHEN HE COMES BACK TO US. Sure, he seemed like like he didn’t feel any physical pain like he did when he was a mindless killing-machine. Sure, he had that same blank, emotionless expression on his face up until his death. But, as Fay put it, “It would’ve been much better if you had came back home with us”. He never got to hear Sakura say those oh-so special words, “I love you”. It’s all too tragic. I literally broke into tears when he was apologizing to all of his former traveling companions, even apologizing to “Syaoran” (CLAMP even teases us with a colored picture of what it would have been like if they actully got the chance to become friends!).

The first half of the story, we’ve been following him. Seeing his devotion to Sakura; his genuine love for her and his determination to get back her memories. But, we’ll never get to see him end that journey. That is, unless his soul still somehow managed to survive…

At that moment, I wanted to invade the little studio that the CLAMP ladies dwell in and assassinate them as if I was a ninja killing off all the royal women, like the angry fanboy I am.

デレデレ (deredere): KOBATO GETS AN ANIME


BUT THEN CLAMP WENT LOLLOLMOODCHANGE ON ME. I jizzed in my pants. Kobato, one of the cutest manga I’ve ever read, is being adapted into an anime that will be part of the autumn lineup this year.

And to think that I thought Kobato’s brief appearance in MADHOUSE’s CLAMP in Wonderland 2 was just a tease. OH, HAPPY DAY!

5 thoughts on “CLAMP: Knife in one hand, condom in the other”

  1. CLAMP, CLAMP, what more can say about them!?
    Used to be a really big fan of Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC but damn, the recent ones have left me in despair for various reasons.

  2. I don’t think that’s true
    In the end The original sakura and the original syaoran are reborn, but not the normal type. They still have all their memories of what happened. So i think you’re being unfair to CLAMP, saying you want to kill them and stuff when you haven’t even finished the whole story. =__=

    But I agree with you on Kobato though. It was a really cute anime, hilarious and sad.

  3. lol, look at the date of the post, Michelle. xD Someone already spoiled some Syaoran and Sakura stuff for me, but I avoided reading ALL of your comment. lol MY EYES. D:

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