Mei-chan no Shitsuji 01

Is that a pedo we see?

This is the first “girly” Japanese Drama I’ve watched since the beginning of 2009, to be honest (most of time, I’ve been immersed in the more srs drama and those Korean/Taiwanese ones). I decided to watch this one because I heard it was one of the funnier ones this year.

I laughed in a different way.

This show takes the concept of the word “butler” and throws it into exaggerated and unrealistic proportions. Now, that’s understandable since it was based off an insane shōjo manga to begin with. But when you have a literally INVINCIBLE, YOUNG, and HANDSOME butler, you’re going to have a literal rich bitch (that rhymed!) as a master.

I swear, I couldn’t go 5 seconds into this drama without wishing raep on any of the female characters, save for the main character Mei-chan (who looks REALLY cute without glasses, sorry CCY =P), her friends, and the loli (I don’t raep loli, I ram them down with cars). They were all BITCHES. I wanted to shove a knife up all their asses.

Of course, this one in particular, as a purty-boy Asian myself, I would be proud to bang without love. No srs-like here. =P Well, I wanted to shove SOMETHING up her ass…

Now, what made me laugh was when the guy that Takeru Satō played (whose name is on the tip of my tongue [ironically, he might become one of my favorite characters]) threw that rotten fruit at one of those “untouchable” bitches.

FRIGGIN’ GAR. About time someone did the closest thing to actually slapping one of those snobby rich girls. And it was a man! We’ll show you some women’s rights, you rich snobs!

I’m rooting for Takeru+Mei. Hiro Mizushima’s character (Rihito) is WAY too annoyingly perfect. Not to mention, I hate the way he treats Takeru’s character like crap.

Speaking of Takeru and Hiro, I couldn’t go through the whole episode without expecting them to yell out “HENSHIN!”.

… If you know what I mean.

10 thoughts on “Mei-chan no Shitsuji 01”

  1. lolsteven. Always with the racist comments towards our kind. 8D Even towards the ones that look nothing alike! LOL

    Dude, Hiro is the least Asian-looking out of all of them. How does he fit in with the green ones?! The only thing similar is that they’re doing a hardcore seduction face that I usually do. 8D
    wut would I do w/o you. T_T

  3. Yeah, the green are pretty much for the face. You do that over here and you’re gay. Do it over there and you’re cool. We should drive up to San Fransisco and start shipping them across the ocean, so they can be cool instead of gay.

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