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The wait for more Lord Haruhi brings along quite a handful of pain towards my faith in Haru-ism, but it’s really just a minor problem when Kyoto Animation keeps on churning out more and more win series to calm my patience down (No, Munto doesn’t count). As a slice-of-life fan, I just can’t get enough of Kyoto Animation making these comedy series with characters doing things that are just win. Of course, with K-ON!, my cohort Steven got an impression that it was the bastard child of Haruhi + Lucky Star, yet good enough to stand out by itself as another one of Kyoto ANimation’s brilliant adaptations. The results? Absolutely fantastic!

<3 Yui.

And I also applaud them for producing an anime which has inspired a new, creative name for the blog, Keiongaku ♪ 軽 ♪ 音 ♪ 楽 ♪. Seriously, The Otaku Spot was a lame name.


Kyoto Animation continues it’s tradition of inserting a character at a far distance to leave room for all their pretty background scenery. While this scene of Yui petting a cat amongst a very detailed bridge may be quite pointless to some, it’s still very nice to stare at.

Not to mention cute.

KyoAni’s animation methods are strange, yet very effective!

Steven’s Comment : This screenshot was a cool one to take. I laughed when I first saw the split second still, but I didn’t notice the detail in it until pausing for the screenshot on my second pass through the episode.


I’m really liking Yui’s character. She’s strangely similar to my cohort and I. She has trouble getting up in the mourning, and when we have no plans, we just stumble around doing nothing in our homes (because our oh-so-nice friends keep on canceling on us when we actually do make plans), but we’re not that clumsy. 😛 It’s really god damn cute, though.

Steven’s Comment : At least we have each other. Wait no, you’re always too busy ‘plucking your strings,’ but at least that gives me more time to ‘beat the drums.’


Now, now, let’s be mature, folks. Let’s not make any inappropriate loli jokes.

Steven’s Comment : Too late, I sent you the file as ‘nonsexual haruhi [cropped] [resized]’


Yui + Castanets is the new Tsukasa + Cellphone. SHE’S DOING IT WRONG, BUT WHO CARES? IT’S CUTE.

Steven’s Comment : I took about 6 screenshots of this scene, trying to figure out which one was cuter. I decided to pick randomly, it was too difficult to decide. I have to say though, I was hoping for her to play the castanets in front of the club or something before deciding to play guitar.


A character named Mio and a Ju-on-like ghost appearing in the middle of the episode, peeking outside an empty hallway door. First thought: “OMFG, Fatal Frame“.

Steven’s Comment : Calling me at 10:42 at night to remind me of the scene  while I was trying to sleep was not cool, I’m a pussy in the dark.

srsly-cropped-resizedThese innuendos weren’t intentional, I swear.

Steven’s Comment : I saw that line coming, but it was still funny. However, I didn’t notice the sexual innuendo until just right now.


Final thoughts: This anime seems like it has great potential to move up the totem pole in my list of favorites (what a weird metaphor, 11:56 PM blogging…). First episode, I ALREADY like the characters, especially Yui (the cutest character out of the whole bunch EVER). The animation is typical KyoAni high-quality stuff and the voice actors fit their roles amazingly. The opening and ending themes are fantastic too. It’s not ironic that a music-themed anime would try to top itself off with great music, no? I mean, damn, 「Dont say lazy」 has offically become one of my most favorite anime themes of all time.

Steven’s Final Thoughts : There’s something you need to understand before I start here. My library of anime is pretty grim. Well, not too grim, I can’t stand Higurashi, but more along the lines of FMA and Samurai Champloo. And well, this show…I fucking loved it. I fell in love with the characters immediately, from when  Yui struggled for her alarm clock as I usually do, to when Ritsu tore up Mio’s literature club application. The animation is gorgeous, and I’m excited to see more episodes released in wide-screen. I’m a quality whore, I’m sorry. I was surprised when I liked Lucky Star, and I was surprised when I liked this. Johnny thought I wouldn’t like it, I agreed, we were wrong. On an unrelated note, who the hell owns a totem pole to put their animes on, metaphor or not?

5 thoughts on “K-ON! – 01”

  1. To me, the most impressive thing about this show is the music itself. The ED, complimented by the animation for it, can easily be made into a music video itself. I like its style – 5eps in and I’ve never skipped the OP/ED.

  2. Yeah, I found it only fitting that this anime had a nice focus on music. I’m 6 episodes in, but Mr. Procrastinating “Overlord” over there is watching episode 2 right now.

    This is the first anime where I WANTED to watch the OP and ED, normally I would skip the opening, and for the ending I would skip to the preview and watch that.

  3. @Steven Le: That’s because K-ON! is a show that deserves to be watched in widescreen, like many of the other shows I watch. 😛 I’d rather not watch it with the fullscreen that comes with the first broadcast.

    Also, I’m no longer on episode two, lawd.

  4. Bah, I have it on widescreen, but you said we should catch up, so I download the crap SD junk, and after I’m caught up you decide I was right and we should be patient and watch it in HD!

    Oh well, I was planning on rewatching 4-6 on widescreen anyways.

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