Onani Master Kurosawa


It’s a manga about jacking off in the girls’ bathroom.

… Is what my words would have been if I was a closed-minded idiot who didn’t bother to give this awesome series the chance it deserved due to seeing a few Death Note-like scans of a dude beating his meat furiously in the toilet. As it turns out, after jumping into this story with the thought of, “Oh, this is going to be a strange experience“, I came out realizing that I had just read a fairly emotional story with a lovable cast of characters you can easily relate to and connect with, especially the main protagonist.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. “Mikoto, you ****** pervert, you jack off in the girls’ bathroom“? Unfortunately, no.

This series is different from what you expect at first glance. And no, it’s not hentai.


Basically, our protagonist is an anti-social, cyncial guy named Kakeru Kurosawa whose “daily ritual” is to masturbate in a stall within a normally-empty female restroom, thinking about his female classmates, which they obviously don’t know about. But that rather disgusting character description doesn’t fit him for long, as this is a story of his coming-of-age (lol… coming, get it?! I’m so funny!) as he learns the value of friendship, the feelings of being socially shunned by his peers, and learning how to move forward without any regrets and repenting for his misdeeds. He gradually changes into a more likable character, even though he resembles Light Yagami from Death Note fame during the beginning parts of this manga, with the way he threw down his justice, the Onani Master-style. However, the way I see it, in the end they’re both very different. Light met his end, while Kurosawa found his light of hope and gets a better moral outlook. What’s amazing is that the author writes his character development in a very realistic and believable way. Many high school and middle school kids might understand his train of thought, though hopefully they don’t relieve themselves in the girls’ toilet stalls.

“I will take this hard object… and stroke it!”

I admit, I expected that the story would chronicle every “victim” Kurosawa deals his special justice to and their crimes, but after the first few chapters, it became clear that this is a…unique and legitimately good story of its own rather than a strange Death Note parody. I’m not going to spoil anything to any of my clueless readers out there with some long-winded plot summary, so you all should just check it out yourselves for the full emotional impact this manga gives you. It will literally put you to tears, make you smile, and give you a sense of hope as you dive into this artistic story. My advice is to jump in without any closed-minded thoughts about the premise and just let it all flow through naturally. It’s very moving… because in the end, you develop a close connection to the characters and you’ll feel sad that you have to see them go.

perfect couple not meant to be
Dammit man, I wanted Kurosawa to get with her at the end, but I guess it was too good to be true. T_T

hare hare yukai
Easily one of the best characters in the manga.

“Why, yes. Yes, I agree.”

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