I jumped into the flames of hell and came back out alive


My dick split open, and locusts flew out! … It happened ALOT.

So I held off watching any new Haruhi episodes during that “rerun” back in summer, in order to watch them all in a marathon (being the busy boy I am, I was “skipping Church” for more important matters, so to say). I had already watched Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody one or two days after it aired. I already read the novels so I wasn’t in much of a hurry to watch the new episodes (even though I was still really excited). Some people already told me about how big of a trainwreck Endless Eight was, so that kind of justified me not being in that much of a hurry to watch them. Two days ago, I decided to zoom through most of the newer Haruhi episodes in one go.

I had a choice: Watch the first episode in which the time loop starts and skip to the last Endless Eight episode, or watch the whole thing in one sitting.

I decided to be a man and watch the whole thing in one sitting.

And you know what? I’m a dumbass. Watching that time loop in one sitting would drive anyone insane. I wonder why I’m not raging as much as I should. In fact, I hardly mind that much. What the ****? It still annoyed me though. I can kind of see how Kyoto Animation could have been trying to take a more artistic approach with the story, but only three episodes had enough significant differences that justified the time loop. The rest of the episodes were pretty damn unnecessary, they were the exact same crap with different animation. If they were going for the traditional Haruhi mindscrew, three episodes was enough for that. The first episode should have been about the summer activities the SOS Brigade was taking part in, the second episode showing the looped events, and the third episode bringing an end to all that nonsense.

Instead, some genius at Kyoto Animation thought he was being a smartass by making the Endless Eight story eight episodes long. Har har, I see what you did there. I don’t remember this story being that long in the novels. In fact, it was one episode’s worth of material.


Was it worth it? Of course it was. Wait, no-…

I wish I was around to see the fanbase’s reactions when these episodes were being aired. I guess that the reason I’m more annoyed than angry is because I didn’t sit through these episodes each week hoping that the time loop was coming to an end. Of course, that’s just retarded…. even though I could probably sit through them in those circumstances, though, cringing.

Good thing the internet exists, because that’s the only way to go back in time (more mindscrew goodness!) to when people were still discussing these episodes as they were aired. It was interesting to see how the fanbase was split up. One side was religiously following the episodes, either defending them due to their “artistic” value or clinging on to the little hope they had left in the series, another side dropped the series all together, and one side was just there, watching and laughing as Kyoto Animation and Kadokawa trolled the fanbase. I wonder which side I would have been on.

I admit, it was genius. In the most douchebag way possible.

One way to describe these episodes: The Endless Eight had a satisfying introduction and conclusion, but everything in the middle is full of crap.

Too gdamn cute

God damn, man. Literally.

The revelation that Kyon doing his homework was actually the solution to over ten thousand loops was your typical Haruhi-quality comedy gold right there.

If only they were able to retain the classic Haruhi-quality animation. It was obvious that even the animators were getting pissed at animating the same episode over and over again, albeit with different outfits (Haruhi did look cute in a lot of them…). It still had high-quality animation, but the quality that was in the original fourteen episodes just wasn’t there. Some episodes had them, some of them didn’t. If you look at the screenshots in my post on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part I, you can see a slight difference in the style. In fact, now it reminds me a bit of K-ON!

Haruhi did look cute in a lot of them…?” I could hear that, you know. Everyone can.

kyon has his hand up his

And everyone can see you rubbing your sweet, sweet arse Kyon-kun~ You had your hand up your ass the whole episode.

I-… I don’t remember that! Do those animators hold a grudge against me or something…

.Maybe because you could have saved us the trouble of going through that hell hole if you just embraced Haruhi and-

Absolutely not!

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  1. And no, the link doesn’t make up for it, because I will ride your ass like a secretary looking for a raise.

    No homo.

    And yes, that quote was blatantly stolen, but I feel irony is a funny thing. The fact you had to link me to this article also says a lot.

    I never log on to write an article. God I’m hard-working.

  2. I will live vicariously through your pain and never actually watch anything beyond Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. Just gonna wait for that film of Disappearance.

  3. These Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya episodes are actually pretty good and don’t bullshit anything from the novels.

    Endless Eight is actually decent when you chop it up yourself. The conclusion is funnier, like it’s supposed to be. Better I live through this pain for you and you skip ahead to those normal episodes rather than not watching them at all.

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