Tales of Symphonia: Tethe’alla Hen (OVA) – 01

Come here… hunny.”

I mean Sheena!
I mean Sheena”!

Zelos is as cool as he was in the game.

I started watching, thinking, “I’ve been waiting 4 years for this. You better make me happy, ToS OVA!” and I was awarded with this scene. <3

Epic Opening
________________The whole cast without the Guest Star Party Member.

I absolutely adore the new opening done by Nana Mizuki. I’ve already heard Tenkuu Canaria beforehand (a LONG time ago), but hearing it along with something Tales-related was a very, very amazing thing to behold. <3 Wonder if the opening from her was to make up for the fact that Colette (voiced by Nana Mizuki) was mute for the entire episode? ;D

I liked it how almost every main character had their story described in the opening. Everything in the opening basically happens in the game. Let’s just see if the opening keeps its promise!

Senkuu Shoureppa!
Senkuu Shoureppa (Victory Light Spear)!

As expected, the animation was VERY top notch. While the Tales of the Abyss anime was a more faithful adaptation story-wise (the game in general had a better story than ToS), the ToS OVAs make up for it by having SUPERB animation. Though, being an OVA, that’s kind of expected.

Whoa. What a fabulous Victory Light Spear.

Majinken! … Or Demon Fang, if you want.

I believe Zelos wins many epic points for being the second Tales character to yell out their attack during the main storyline of a Tales anime (Jade, from Tales of the Abyss, I believe was the first). And how fitting! MAJINKEN~!

I don’t want her to use Pow Hammer on me. I DON’T. :s

Everyone who has played ToS will understand me when I call this depressing version of Colette “:|-chan”. Because “:|-chan” is surprisingly “:|”. Oh Colette, when are you going to come back to us?! You provide us the sound of Nana Mizuki’s voice acting! Not to mention, “:|-chan” scares the crap out of me.

Mr. President
Hay thar, Regal.

I can’t wait to see how they animate Regal’s SHINKU HADDDOUKEEENNNN (or Kamehameha Wave, whatever).

Someone's getting arrested
“She’s so cute!”

I’m sure Presea doesn’t want to be arrested, Genis. Don’t worry. Wait 10 more years or so. You both aren’t getting any older.

Actually, are there age of consent laws in Tethe’alla? There sure aren’t any anti-slavery laws for Half-Elves >_>

Yeah, tease and tease by showing us Preseaboobies and make us angry about no loli tittehs! You make a third of the anime community sad, censorship.

They have to be faithful to the game, man! The graphical artists didn’t draw no Tidus, I mean, tittehs for the player characters!


True love at long last...
Colette: H-how could you, Lloyd?!
Lloyd: Shut up woman, you’re dead to me!

That does it. I’m supporting Lloyd x Altessa 100%! Who’s with me?!

No, Lloyd. He didn’t miss all those chances to stab you because he’s your father. It’s the generic law of anime, main characters will never die.

Kratos in his Judgment costume screams loads of badass. Too bad Zelos stole this episode for me, and not you, the king of JADJIIIIMENTO. Sorry, Kratos fans. Hur hur.

Extremely awkward close-up, much?

Finally, the big bad shows up (in a speaking role) after all of this time. Now, why did Yggdrasil have to make it so uncomfortable for us? D:

Zelos the Traitor
Zelos… the Traitor?

Speaking of Kratos’s (and Yggdrasil’s) entrance in this episode… Even though I really did enjoy the first episode of the second OVA, there were still a number of problems I had with it. Mainly the unfaithful game to anime stuff. It’s only natural for me to list them out, right?

  • Regal and Zelos never fight each other in the game, at least, never before Zelos meets Lloyd and the others. In the RPG, Regal fought Zelos (along with the rest of the party) in the Meltokio sewers.
  • In the game, Lloyd and the others land on the Fooji Mountains, not in the middle of Meltokio.
  • At this point, the king of Tethe’alla is ill in the game.
  • Sybak is skipped, along with Zelos being branded as a traitor to Tethe’alla.
  • Altessa refuses to help Lloyd and the others, out of guilt for what he did to Presea in the game (he doesn’t help at all in the beginning). The whole situation is basically different in the anime.
  • Presea lives in her own (dirty) house in the game, not with Altessa. We also meet her way back in Meltokio gathering sacred wood for the Church of Martel, not at Altessa’s house.
  • I don’t remember seeing or hearing the android Tabatha in the anime, who lives with Altessa in the game.
  • Angel Toxicosis was a name used by Raine to describe Colette’s condition in the game. In the anime, they act as if this is the official name for the “disease”.
  • Lloyd already knows how to make a garbage Key Crest in the game. Forgot how he did it in the game. All I remember was that he was spouting some RPG mumbo-jumbo on how he could make the Key Crest.
  • Zelos and Presea go with Lloyd and the others to the Toize Valley Mine in the game. Regal was also in the party by this point, helping the party take down the mine’s security systems (an event which is skipped entirely in the anime).
  • In the RPG, Kratos and Yggdrasil don’t appear in the mines. The whole fight between Kratos and Yggdrasil was actually supposed to take place all the way back at the end of the first OVA, where Kratos first reveals himself as a Cruxis Angel.
  • Zelos isn’t revealed to be a “traitor” until way later in the game. The anime producers basically ruined this plot twist for people who haven’t played the game.

Those are basically the main differences the first episode of the OVA has to the game. Much like the first OVA, it leaves out a lot of things and changes some thing up. Despite these changes, I’m hoping they’ll do plenty of stuff right. Namely, the story of Zelos, who is probably the deepest character in the Tales of Symphonia game. This gives a chance for Kratos fanboys to see the deep story that they never bothered to see because of their obsession with playing the superficial badass, who shouts out contradicting battle quotes (and I liked Kratos, don’t get me wrong). They’ve basically been playing Zelos up to be one of the best things this OVA has to offer in this episode. I hope they won’t let me down.


Go die.


“You should never have been born.” – Mylene Wilder

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