Tales of Symphonia: Tethe’alla Hen (OVA) – 02

Overdoing things
Wonder how far we’ll go into our strange hobbies?” – Zelos Wilder.

Jesus, Regal. I know you’ve lost your lover and you’re bound by some really uncomfortable handcuffs, but don’t you think you’re overdoing your online activities just a tad?

Badass Showdown
______________________This shot’s not big enough for the both of us.

All I have to say is: damn. This anime may be a pretty loose adaptation when it comes to the story sequence, but when it comes to making its fans squeal with glee: it delivers. Canon or not, you cannot deny that these Regal vs. Zelos fights (two of the most kickass characters in the game) are REALLY well-done. This is almost like an apology for the terrible fight sequences in the Tales of the Abyss anime (even though it had an awesome story). The time-skips between areas seem a lot more natural than the ToA anime too.

Sheena: OH HELL-… Godmodding noob.

Stop cheating, Yggdrasil! I wonder how Frontier Works and unfotable are going to handle Yggdrasil’s Time Stop. I mean, sheesh, why not add Life Bottles and Lemon Gummies while they’re at it? Plot devices, for the lose. How the hell can they even beat Yggdrasil realistically if he has this ability?

xD People that played the game can see that I’m having a hard time avoiding the use of Yggdrasil’s first name. Spoilers, for the lose.

More cheating...
Regal: I’ll stock up on items next time asshole, just you wait!

I find it hilarious that that epic, well-animated battle just ended when Zelos did a surprise Air Thrust (…Air Thrust :|) attack on a distracted Regal.

That Air Thrust looked pretty damn nice, though. I love this OVA and its budget. (Whoever placed their bets on Regal… Sorry, hand over that damn cash. D;)

Loving Gaze
Loving Gaze

I’m telling you, guys, this pairing is canon! You can feel the hot, burning passion behind Altessa’s nonexistent eyes… oh yyyeah

Regal is GAR

Regal drinking yellow wine, wearing nothing but a speedo.



Genis: Presea sure is good with an axe.
Raine: You seem pretty interested in her.
Genis: Hells yeah. Presea can chop my wood anytime.
Raine: …#゚Д゚

My groping hand doesn't work!My writing hand doesn’t work! But that’s the hand I use to grope with!

Now imagine him after eating Raine’s cooking. –shivers

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Holy ****. What the hell is Regal made of? You’d think a normal person would have died from the first swing of that HUGE axe!

Oh, wait. Shinku Hadouken. Got it.

It’s amusing how Zelos lets down his Almighty Chosen facade during moments like this. What a big softy. ;D

Oh god, hawt loli.

One would question Regal’s chivalry after seeing this lolita body, along with the way she calls him “Regal-sama ♥”.

Looks like even Regal has his weaknesses. lolol 8D Way to make Regal look like a pedo by drawing Alicia a little too young, unfotable.

Big Happy Family

Again, faithfulness aside, I like how the anime portrayed the rather emotional scene between Regal, Presea, and Alicia. I actually prefer this scene over the game version. As long as the anime does these types of important, emotional scenes right, I don’t mind its unique spin on things.

Really great episode. The wait for the third episode will be killer, but I will endure.

With Kobato. 😀

I hope that's not :|-chan. Don't open those eyes!
I hope that’s not “:|-chan”. Don’t open those eyes!

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