Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) 108 – Ending

The End
Keep moving forward.

All good things must come to an en-

Orite… the last episode of the 2009 anime hasn’t aired yet. My bad. Spoilers ahead.

Greed's sacrifice

Even though I was spoiled about Greed’s death beforehand, I still found it hard to believe he would die. I mean, of course, it’s Fullmetal Alchemist, anyone can die and all… So scratch that, I found it hard to believe that he wasn’t one of the surviving homunculi. Seriously, he was one of the only homunculi that willingly sided with the humans. One that was obviously a bit greedy, but he was a good guy. He wanted friends.  I guess he had to be separated from Ling Yao in some way. His death makes me sad because 1) he’s a badass and 2) he’s actually a good person deep down. His last words pulled on my heartstrings.

Greed died like a hero. Arakawa did a great job, once again.

Cute Pride

Though, I don’t mind that Pride was the one that survived. I actually don’t think he has any memory of being a homunculus, so he could probably redeem himself too. Not to mention, Selim seems like a pretty damn cute little kid now. 🙂 *squee*

Ed sacrificing the Gate of Truth to bring back Al = no alternate Germany = good idea.

Seems like this was the answer that Truth guy was waiting for all of this time.

Welcome home

Welcome home.

My job here is done

My work here is done.

By the way, played RAY OF LIGHT by Shoko Nakagawa (fifth ending theme to the 2009 anime) during these two pages and beyond. It fits PERFECTLY. Could totally see the anime doing this.

I… shed a tear. God damn it.

Good bye Hohenheim

Hohenheim dies. I kind of expected it at first, but seeing the whole final battle play out, the general mood of the manga, and re-establishing himself as a dad to Ed and Al, I was kind of hoping Arakawa would spare Hohenheim and let him live with the brothers again.

Of course, he died with a smile, in front of Trisha’s grave. After avenging the souls of Xerxes and losing his immortal body, it’s a fitting end, so no complaints here. Yet again, awesome writing. Despite this making me sad (since Hohenheim was one of my favorite characters), it would have been pretty cheap to let him live after what he’s been through.


Let’s take a minute to “D’AAAAAAAW” over this scene that almost every FMA fan has been dying to see. Well, unless you’re one of those douchebags that wanted to see these three have a bad ending.




Now all of you incest and yaoi fanatics will shut up now. >_< ↑ /isbeingahypocrite

Elric Family Photo
New Elric Family Photo

These memories will last forever, as we keep moving forward.

I’ll post my final thoughts on the ending when the 2009 anime ends. FMA isn’t done yet! (;

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