Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) 62

Fuck you Father

I had a good chuckle seeing everybody trying to beat the shit out of Father. It’s funny because this episode aired on June 20, 2010 in Japan.


Loved the Roy/Riza action in this episode. You have beautiful “eyes“, Mustang.

It was amusing seeing Roy being all awkward with the clapping transmutations. He’ll be having a blast with it in the future, I bet. Loved seeing his overpowered flames animated.


The manga and this version of the anime have a track record of making 2003phonse look like a pansy.

Alphonse’s sacrifice to bring back Ed’s arm was a totally badass move. Especially since Ed proceeds to beat the shit out of Father in a fit of rage five seconds after that. I like it how BONES, aside from the Isvalan flashback, decided that every (previously) manga-exclusive piece has to be animated and brought up about one hundred notches compared to the manga to make up for their lame attempts with Conqueror of Shamballa.

Alright, that was an exaggeration. But the anime does make some of the already-cool manga scenes look even cooler. Cheers.

Damn, Dad, you're such a pansy

That’s right, folks. Greed’s greatest desire is to have friends. Of course, we already knew this ever since we met Greed in his original body. Seriously, all this talk about world domination and all he ever did was chill with his pals over at the Devil’s Nest.

Greed actually seems like the only homunculus who you could just chill with in real life. Father actually seemed to have some god damn emotion during the scenes before he revives Greed in Ling’s body (that… probably explains that out-of-character moment where he acts like Hohenheim). It’s funny, because during Hohenheim’s flashback to the time where Father was just that Dwark in the Flask (lol), his personality seemed to be a combination of all of his children (not Lust though, that’s just scary, and I refuse to believe that).

The Truth Guy

Next episode: Father is defeated and Edward confronts that Truth bastard one last time.

And then we have one more episode after that. ^^ Until then, I can’t wait until I see THAT certain scene animated.

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