Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) 63

Pet the loli

Edward: Good going, Al. You made the loli cry.

Together at last

It’s obvious that BONES didn’t directly adapt this from the manga and used a script given to them by Arakawa, seeing as they took some liberties with this episode. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – the good things outweigh the bad tremendously. I can honestly say that most of this episode was superior to the manga version.

Family Reunited

In fact, the only problem I had with this episode was how they removed the touching scene where Sig breaks down in tears after seeing Alphonse back in his original body, and then crushing him in a super awesome bear hug (lol).

Best Anime Dad In The World

Everything else, however, pulled on my heart strings. The way BONES focused on Hohenheim’s death in this episode was far superior compared to how Arakawa did it. Granted, the scene was touching in the manga, but BONES managed to pull some tears out of me by giving ol’ Hohenheim a bit more closure. The added dialogue between Armstrong and Hohenheim was an awesome way to lead into his death, and Hohenheim’s last words in front of Trisha’s grave BEFORE his death spiced things up.

Elric Family

And to top it all off, the ending sequence gave us a montage of the Elric family’s life (accompanied with the OP song – Rain by Sid) that made me break into tears. Fullmetal Alchemist really had a great cast of characters you could genuinely care about and connect with. I will definitely miss Hohenheim.

Farewell, my friends

Oh yeah, and I’ll miss Greed too. Even Greed died with a smile in the end.

The Journey Continues

FMA’s story, as a whole, finally ends next week. I’ll look forward to it, even though it makes me a bit sad. I guess there’s still that PSP game. xD

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