High School of the Dead 01

Zombie Apocalypse with hot girls

I just entered a world where Left 4 Dead meets Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

Blood mixed with mindless fanservice. I like it.



I like the basis of the story. Not because it’s “original” or anything, but because it’s anything but. This series seems like a throwback to every old survival-horror video game and zombie horror movies I ever loved and hated. A mix of Left 4 Dead‘s extremely fast infection hazards and Resident Evil‘s “AIM FOR THE HEAD!”

Guaranteed for some fun action scenes.

Why so...


The characters are rather interesting enough. Takashi and Rei’s relationship seems like it will build some good drama in the future, but I thought the love triangle in the beginning just seemed so typical.

Seriously, what’s up with the girl always getting with the best friend whenever she dumps a guy? That’s pretty eff’d up. Whatever happened to bros before ho’s?


It was interesting to see what certain people would resort to doing in a apocalypse such as this, and how low some people will go. Committing suicide? Pushing people to their deaths down the stairs in order to escape first? Saying “screw you” to your friend just to save your own hide?

That’s pretty scary to think about. ^^; Humanity sucks.


I must say, Madhouse did a wonderful job animating the jiggly boobs. This is the one time where I approve of mindless fanservice. Look at those things bounce. Look at the detail. Yeah… yeah

Wait, what? Oh yes, blog!

OH HOT PANTSU-... Wait, wtf

Anyone else find it strange that the abundance of panty shots don’t let up even in grotesque scenes like these? I mean, sure, panty shots are hot and all, but there’s a point where it stops being “appropriate“…

Zombie of Friendship

lol, she got what she deserved.

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