Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 02


Ryouko’s reaction to Ryoushi taking a level in badass.

(Seems like the screenshots are gonna have Chinese subtitles for a while. Sorry, guys. D8)

Super Saiya-kin

“Why, hello there.” I think I’ve seen you before. In another time, in another place

ED in this episode was pretty cute. I liked how we got a look at Ryouko’s dere dere side in this episode, as well as how badass Ryoushi can be if he just stops being a wuss puss around people.

*scrunches face* “Fuck off.” Yeah, that’s how we defend our women… in Asia? It’s not the same without the patriotism

It's rape tiem

It’s rape tiem…

Disregarding how fucked up this situation is, I can’t help but feel amused. When that gang of punks kidnapped Ryouko and tied her up, I was thinking “Dude, if this was real life, they’d friggin’ rape her.

And well, you know… I jinx everything.

Also, thank god Ryoushi took care of their boss. That guy is huge. He’d tear poor Ryouko up…


If only Kouji Yusa voiced him… if you Kamen Rider fans know what I mean.

Package obtained

“Target acquired.”

Yatta. Awwwrite~…


Realistically, saving a girl from an attempted rape will not get you laid.

Too bad this is fiction, though! Poor Ryoushi.




…W-what’s with that look? S-stupid… I told you, I don’t like this anime! >///<

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