How far would you go for the sake of your hobbies?

Harmless school picture... or is it?

Haruhi, what has your crazy antics done to our world?

Nishinomiya Kita Senior High School has posted a warning against trespassers on its website after fans entered its premises and scrawled graffiti on the sports ground.


It should be noted that this is fairly old news, and that real life attempts at reenacting Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody have been happening quite a lot in Nishinomiya. This is a pretty good example of unhealthy obsession.

It’s understandable that you would have some kind of desire to visit a place where your favorite TV show is being filmed at. It’s even understandable if that location was used in your favorite anime. But scaling an entire building from the outside just to take pictures of the rooftop? Trespassing on an educational facility just so you could live out a scene that happened in an anime?

That’s when you need to realize that you need to focus your passions elsewhere… because that’s just fucked up.

I admit, I would want to visit a place like Yokosuka, for example, to get a nostalgia trip from being reminded of one of my favorite Dreamcast games, Shenmue. However, I wouldn’t go around bothering people about looking for a guy named Charlie, sailors, the death of my father, and Lan Di… unless I was just fucking around.

There’s always a boundary.  Anime and video games (and every other form of entertainment) always offer you some form of escapism… but it’s not a replacement for real life. Don’t start crying because they won’t let you into a god damned high school (which you probably see as some kind of heaven at that point). It’s good to be a fan, but not when it just pisses the crap out of everyone around you and attracting danger to yourself.

I would probably visit Nishinomiya and take pictures of that high school if I got the chance, but I wouldn’t force my way into the premises and violate the school grounds with the SOS Brigade logo. A safe-sounding hobby such as watching anime should remain “safe”, after all.

5 thoughts on “How far would you go for the sake of your hobbies?”

  1. Good points. I’m content with just watching anime, collecting merchandise, and discussing/sharing with friends. I don’t need extravagant or risky stuff like this =P

  2. @Yumeka: Yeah, I’m pretty much content with keeping anime a normal hobby too.

    That’s not to say I wouldn’t be tempted to take pictures of Nishinomiya Kita Senior High School if I had the chance, though… I wouldn’t barge in there though, especially since most Japanese schools/classrooms have the same basic layout. Not much else other than to have bragging rights. “This is where Kyon and Taniguchi ate their lunch!”

  3. Trespassing on a school just because it’s an anime shouldn’t be tolerated at all. The places that I’ve been to that I’ve seen in animes are open to the public and there are lots more out there. Taking pictures outside the school grounds is OK though. Although, if the school could make some money from the publicity they might let people go on school grounds, perhaps when students aren’t on campus. Like that city that the Hiiragi twins live at. They’re capitalizing on the free publicity and making money on the otaku that who wouldn’t otherwise visit.

  4. @AS: $_$ Money-wise, that’s a good idea. I would totally love to take advantage of the school’s popularity to make money off of it… but then again, it’s still just a normal school that just happened to be in a popular novel like Haruhi. Precautions would have to be taken for tours and such, because if some of these more crazier otaku are scaling the building from the outside (xD) and reenacting Kyon’s little time travel episode, who knows what kind of crazy things they would try to do inside.
    Tour scheduling might anger some of the students too, since a lot club activities are scheduled during the weekends and such, so such tours wouldn’t be very common during the school year. The crazy ones still might be tempted to do some daring things in the mean time. 😛

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