Shiki 01

Emotionless anime eyes means something supernatural is going on...

Yeah, something fucked up's going on here.

A great opening episode that hopefully sets the atmosphere of creepiness and mystery for the rest of the series. The village setting reminded me a little bit of Higurashi.

(Yeah, looks like Shiki and Ookami-san are gonna receive the Chinese subtitle treatment for the rest of my blogging season…)

Obnoxious girls in anime... *sigh*

I’m lovin’ the music in this anime already. The background music gave me chills… it’s hard to explain, but it’s the kind of thing you would hear in a J-Horror or a J-Horror-styled game like Fatal Frame. One of the things that make a good horror is the combination of quiet foreboding musical scores and silent scenes. It adds to the air of mystery and this anime makes good use of it in this first episode.

No gripes with any of the characters yet, aside from Megumi. I was scratching my head at how materialistic a girl can be, even though she’s living in a village where everyone cares enough about her. They even formed a search party and looked for her in the dead of night in those creepy ass woods…

Didn’t learn much about Natsuno in this episode. Seeing as he’s supposedly one of the main characters, we’ll get to learn more about him soon enough.

Big scary eyeballs = Not a good sign

Loving the animation in this anime; it’s very high quality. The art style isn’t exactly something I LOVE, but I like it. It fits really well with every other little thing presented in this episode.

Creepy little girl = DO NOT WANT

I’m going to take a wild (or rather, obvious) guess that the Kirishiki family are the vampires of this anime.

Judging from the OP and ED, their daughter is looking very creepy to me at the moment. Dammit, I hate those creepy little girls they put into horror films and survival-horror games! >.<

4 thoughts on “Shiki 01”

  1. Well I saw ookami and from reading this I’m getting the vibe that animators these days are getting to lazy to come up with new charecter designes and personalities O—-O

  2. Thecheesish6: Ookami-san isn’t exactly original with the overdone character archetypes (i.e. the tsundere) and the character designs (typical moe-style), but the animation and the show itself aren’t bad by any means, just not very innovative.

    The amount of the originality in personalities and design varies, really. You just have to really try to find those shows.

  3. @Anime Manga Encyclopedia: Yeah, can’t be horror without haunting music!
    I especially liked the creepy humming in the background. Really adds to the creepiness.

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