High School of the Dead 02

Don't fuck with the quiet ones.

woot. Nobuyuki Hiyama plays a badass character once again. School geek who is a closeted badass FOR THE WIN.

Not much happened in this episode, besides all the surviving characters finally meeting up and the reveal of one of the protagonists being a bullet-crazy weapon otaku. Everything else was just a bunch of zombie head-mashing… which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but ya’ know.

Minor Character Jesus!

Heroic characters impress me very easily. Even this minor character who everyone will forget about after the episode ends. I won’t call him a nameless minor character because he revealed his name… aw shit, I forgot already. As an apology, I will call him Minor Character Jesus. He died like a true man. He died for our sins.

I like it how Minor Character Jesus gave me a “Dang, this guy feels like he could be a character you could find in another anime“-feeling. Really brings out the “anime world meets Left 4 Dead” setting.

bouncy toys

bouncy toys

The inappropriate panty shots (shut up, you know what I mean xD) during death scenes were toned down in this episode compared to the last one. Didn’t see much pantsu in general, actually.

Onslaught of… mindless fanservice… will returnnext episode… nggghhhh…

Editor’s note: Cue the coffee break in the middle of writing a post.

Takashi: I knew this was a retarded idea!

Rei: And I was sure this was going to work!

Retarded idea #1: Calling the police during a zombie apocalypse. That totally worked in Resident Evil.

Though, I could understand calling your family to make sure they’re okay, but… realistically, you know. Zombie apocalypse.



My life is complete

My life is complete.

Hey guys, I have a confession. I also have a weakness for cute girls wearing glasses.

Democracy under the dead

Next episode: More chaos and Rei’s throws yet another bitch-fit.

4 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 02”

  1. I seriously hate Rei, she’s such a whiner! I liked Saeka in this episode along with Kouta–who would’ve thought this nerd would go gun-crazy? Would love to see him go berserk bat-shit crazy soon! ^^;

  2. @Kairu90: Don’t know about other people, but I find it easy to watch due to me being used to horror movies and zombie video games. 😛 Very similar. I guess it could go either way for you. ^^;;
    Kyokai: Yes! Saeka and Kouta seem like they’re going to be the two most badass characters in this show.
    I find Rei pretty annoying, but the easiest female to look at when it comes to character design in this show. 😛

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