Shiki 02

I believed I just wet myself.

Diapers. I need diapers.

Things are really getting more intriguing with all the mysterious deaths going on.

Given my experience with the horror genre: Over a dozen of deaths with an unknown cause = “Aw shit, this town is screwed.”


Fap fap fap fap fap

Creepy atmosphere is drawing me in, guys. Despite Megumi dying in the first episode, you can still feel her presence in this episode. Especially when the bushes in front of Natsuno’s window started to rustle. F-F-F-F-F-F.

Then the camera switched over to a top view of Natsuno’s room, from the ceiling. Looking straight at Natsuno, accompanied by a very tense chanting track. At that point, I was hoping that a certain stringy-haired Japanese ghost we all know and love didn’t jump down to scare the living daylights outta’ me.

Neku Sakuraba

“The world ends with me? Are you high?”

Now that we got to hear more from Natsuno in this episode, I just barely realized that he’s voiced by Kouki Uchiyama.

lol, and this anime is called Shiki. Looks like Neku is just as antisocial as ever.

Megumi: Get that thing away from me!

Megumi: Get that thing away from me!

I would like to see the look on her face when she finds out that Megumi doesn’t give a shit about her or her shitty presents.

Oh, right…

Doctor Who

I wonder how well this badass doctor will fare against a bunch of vampires. I guess we’ll be seeing how he’ll deal with them pretty soon!

2 thoughts on “Shiki 02”

  1. I too would like to see how Toshio and Seishin figure things out about the Kirishikis. This one is definitely taking horror to another level! ^^;

  2. @Kyokai: Can’t wait to find out how all these deaths were actually caused. If these “vampires” are going out killing people with close connections to them while they were alive, then the whole town is screwed at this point. :s

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