Cosplay Corner: Nakano Azusa

Azunyan for president

Writer’s block calls for

Azusa cosplay dump. Do not proceed if the thought of random Asian girls in cute outfits disgusts you.

Nyan Nyan Azunyan

Azunyan~ nyan nyan

Azunyan with her guitar

(btw. that’s a guitar pick. Pervert)

Azunyan =3

My male weakness: The :3 face.

A one and a two and a...

Wan tsu suri

nekomimi azunyan

a azunyan~azunyan is fine too

lol fake background

Is it just me, or does it look like she’s not really “there”?



^Personal favorite. No doubt she’d be this cute in real life too.

An embarrased Azuyan is fine too

O-…oi, that’s kind of embarrassing.


9 thoughts on “Cosplay Corner: Nakano Azusa”

  1. @dood: Which one? 😛 There are four different girls.
    (Also, congrats on being the 600th [legitimate] commenter on my blog. xD)

  2. I love the last Azu-nyan, she looks like she’s saying “ganbatte” xD. Very serious and cute looking ^^.

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