High School of the Dead 03

Loony teacher

Gave me a Wesker-vibe from Resident Evil. Except I wanted to punch this guy in the face.

Damn. I’m not that fond of Rei (besides her hotness), but I agree with her. Who let this loony teacher on the bus?!

I hate this job

I hate this job.

Hands down the best scene in the episode. 7-Eleven guy looks bummed out because the buses keep running over his hungry customers. ):< I need a J G !

What these kids need are a bunch of grenades. They should be grateful that they aren’t playing in the Left 4 Dead universe.

One sound in that game and all the surrounding zombies go “RAAAAWR NOM NOM” and run towards you with super speed. God damn.

Deja vu

A burning bus separating the heroes. The heroes decide to meet at the police station.

They totally didn’t steal that scene from Resident Evil 2.

Biker zombie

Wait… zombies DON’T know how to drive motorcycles? Resident Evil 5 lied to me!

I loved you all this time

I rode your best friend while screaming your name like a hyena. Will you still marry me pl0x??

Judging from the episode preview, there seems to be trouble in paradise… again. Hisashi continues to be a douche of a best friend even after death. I hear the best friend thing wasn’t the case in the manga… which really makes more sense. You do not get with a girl your “best friend” likes without being a douche.

Most likely, Rei’s going to be a bitch again next episode and does something stupid, causing her to get kidnapped by some nasty-looking rapist.

3 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 03”

  1. It’s apparent that Shido’s been up to no good. I can only guess that he has been abusing his teacher powers. >.> Rei was a bit manageable this episode but from preview… fail!

  2. @Kyokai: Corrupt teachers ftl. I’m guessing he never really enjoyed his job for the sentimental aspect of it, just the power. The look of pleasure when he kicked that kid in the face was pretty creepy.
    @Mushyrulez: You just reminded me of a very disturbing picture I found on Danbooru when I searched up Resident Evil, lol.

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