Ponyo on the Cliff (movie)

Ponyo, the little girl with a round tummy

Ponyo, ponyo, ponyo, little fishy in the sea~

I finally got around to watching Ponyo. Hands down, one of the cutest Hayao Miyazaki films I’ve ever seen.  It’s not the best of his films, but it still has his special magical touch and is certainly worth a watch, especially when you have your little sister by your side. =)  Plus, the ending theme is cute and catchy at the same time (and not in an annoying way)! It’s a superb movie that’s appealing to all ages and you’re a jerk if you don’t watch it.

Toy Ship - Double Meaning btw

I loved Ponyo and Sousuke’s friendship throughout the movie. Definitely one of the cutest toy ships I’ve ever seen (both figuratively and literally). <3

2 thoughts on “Ponyo on the Cliff (movie)”

  1. I have a friend who watched this and she fell madly in love with Ponyo lol. She bought a bunch of collectibles afterwards. All because I gave her and Tomoyo a free ticket to watch the movie lol. It looked a bit too cute for me so I decided against watching it, plus I think I had work that night ^^;;.

  2. @AS: Aw, you should watch it when you get the chance. ^^ It’s not disgustingly cute or anything. That’s what I like about Miyazaki films, no matter what which one is aimed at a certain audience, people of all ages are bound to enjoy them. xD Great story and very touching.
    I kind of regret not watching this in theaters when I had the chance, and used the tickets to sneak into Inglorious Basterds. T_T Which was a good movie regardless, but still… D;

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