Shiki 03

Get it away from me

What the- Get this thing away from me!

My god. The vampires should just bite him already. Masao was not only creepy, but he’s pretty much the most annoying character this season has to offer. o_o I hardly know anything about how his mind works, or who the hell he is, but there’s something about him that just pisses me off.

If that’s the kind of character he’s supposed to be (no duh), the voice actor did a superb job. Of course, Shiki‘s doing a superb job of creeping me out in general. Wonderful atmosphere.

They're not vampires

If the weird style of dress, eyes, and hair don’t tell you that the Kirishiki family is the cause of the all the mysterious deaths in the village… then golly gee, I don’t know what to say.

Totally not vampires.

Creepy little girl ftl

My first impression of Sunako during her conversation with Seishin? Creepy little girl. I don’t like creepy little girls. That’s just a cheap shot at the nerves, man!

“DO NOT CALL ME LITTLE.” C-…Certainly. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU T_T The way she skipped down the steps so ominously… Not cute.


Looks like Seishin was formerly a fan of writing sad poetry on Facebook.

I sense homoerotic tension

I sense homoerotic tension.

No wonder Natsuno wasn’t interested in Megumi. *cough*

Seems like Natsuno was aware that something odd was going on in his room last episode. I would be pretty creeped out too. Rustling in the bushes right after my stalker just died. *shiver*

Aw, what a nice...

Aw, what a nice-

They're all fucking screwed

…Yeah, they’re all screwed.

Someone’s going to die tonight.

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