High School of the Dead 04

Handgun obtained

Will you take the Handgun?

Are you stupid, game? Of course I will!

Handgun ammo obtained

Will you take the Handgun Ammo?


Pedo teacher

Dear Diary, JACKPOT.

“I grow old, they stay the same age.” – Shido Koichi.

The OTHER reason why he’s a high school teacher, besides the abuse of power.

Shaun of the Gas Station

Aha. Ahaha. The gas station name says Shaun.

A good chunk of this episode was a recap. How disappointing. Most of the new material takes place in a abandoned gas station, which apparently housed a rapist with bad teeth.


I admit, this scene was pretty hot if we forget the fact that this is an assault.

Not a fan of Rei’s character, but I agree with Rapist-san. Fine.

Yeah, I’m convinced that the mangaka originally worked on a lot of hentai now.

Let me have a squeeze.

Let me have a squeeze. GET AWAY FROM MY WOMAN, BASTARD.

Weapon upgrade turned Takashi into a badass. If Rei ever ponders about Hisashi later in the series, I swear I’ll have the urge to slap her.

Karmic yet tragic death

Normally, you wouldn’t feel sorry for a one-shot character of the day (who almost stuck his thug into the main heroine against her will), but seeing that photo of him during the credits, living happily with his little sister, tells me that he was a decent (and probably nice) guy before this horrible apocalypse. Mindless fanservice aside, I like how this show is portraying different types of insanity when humans are on the brink of despair.

7 thoughts on “High School of the Dead 04”

  1. Not the best episode, but still nice to see Takashi and Rei getting along kind of. Was strange to see a recap so early maybe it was needed lol not sure.

  2. @foshizzel: Got along most of the episode. Kind of weird how the zombies didn’t start coming while they were having that little argument, though, or during that booby hostage scene. Rei has a pretty loud voice…

  3. @foshizzel: …Possibly. xD One zombified villager in Resident Evil 4 was chilling in the bathroom until I rudely barged in with my submachine gun. Maybe they’re not the bad guys, we are! 😛

  4. They just live in a different type of society! It’s much more peaceful; see how none of the zombies fight against each other?
    I didn’t see the ending picture of him during the credits; where was it? Like which side O_o

  5. @Mushyrulez: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/7387/happymaniacishappy.png
    I’ve noticed that they update the ending credits every episode with pictures of the people that die in those episodes, living their lives before the apocalypse. Like last episode, where they added that one chick and her boyfriend in the ending credits.
    (Yeah, every “edit comment” plugin I’ve tried was never compatible with this blog’s theme. Many apologies!)

  6. Personally I think that They might have heard them but they were too far away at the beginning of the fight, then Takashi throwing the bat made a more echoing sound making even more of Them come to investigate the sound. But that’s just my opinion I guess.

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