K-ON!! 15

Sparkly Heaven


...is sparkly


On the brink of death, I saw a glimpse of heaven.

Not much happened in this episode. Of course, it’s K-ON!!, but that’s why I like it.

Meido Marathon

Azunyan~ running in a meido outfit? I approve.

I love Sawa-chan’s ideas.

Munch Munch

God dammit, Yui. Now I’m tempted to sneak a bite out of the rice cakes sitting on my kitchen table right now.


That’s some rock solid marumochi, there. Nevermind!

Nice oba-chan

The granny next door is such a nice little old lady. Nice old ladies are nice.

No sicko.


One way to inspire Yui to try harder: having no moar rice cakes.

I laughed out loud at the slow-motion flashback in reverse. The last episode should be the whole series sped up in reverse.

She's going, she's going!

Niiiisuuuuu finish

Second best part of the episode? Mio tripping and having an epic finish. Would have given her a 10 if she did a barrel roll.

(First best part was Azunyan~ running into the room with a “:D” on her face. ;D)

Episode needed more Azunyan~. This is K-ON!! with two exclamation marks, after all, not K-ON! with that single pathetic mark!

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  1. @Yi: Everything needs more Azunyan~
    I feel sorry for Mio though. She has really bad luck. 😛

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