K-ON!! 16



Azunyan makes a comeback. I got my wish! Like episode five and episode thirteen, this episode terribly kindly serviced me.

(EDIT: Editing the url for this post caused me to make a triple post on the Antenna. Many apologies. T_T)

Oh noes

I miss Azunyan throwing tatrums, but this is fine too.

Azusa realizing she’s taking in her senpai’s bad habits causes her to make some pretty epic faces during the episode. I love it!

Sad Mugi

Mugi makes some pretty epic faces too. She’s been really awesome lately.

We need more Azunyan × Mugi interaction! I loved seeing it in this episode. It’s like the Ritsu × Mugi episode we had a while back. Now all we need is a Yui × Mugi and Mio × Mugi episode (no, yuri fans, I’m not referring to shipping… this time).

Giggly Azunyan

A giggly Azunyan is fine too.

KyoAni really knows how to pull on my heartstrings, don’t they? And I’m not talking about Air here.

Stupid moé. It’s not like I like you or anything…



Behold the power of Azunyan’s “mission failed” face. We’ll be seeing it once more time, I’m sure of it!

The Azunyan Stare


Mio gets the Azunyan Stare. It’s not surprising that putting on her focused face would fail to make her look more intimidating, but rather, increase her cuteness twofold. Determined Azunyan ftw!

Poor Azunyan~.

Azunyan's tea

Azunyan’s tea

Azunyan’s tea. We didn’t get to see her make it. ):

Annoyed Azunyan

Annoyed Azunyan~ looks way too cute.

It makes you want to annoy her even more! Mission failed, Azunyan.

Cute high school girls


Little elementary~middle school boy. A bunch of cute high school girls greet him at his doorstep. He goes back to the bathroom.

I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.



Aside glance at the camera? Shit, Azunyan’s onto me. *flustering flustering*

Oh, nevermind, she was just grabbing some magazines.  Stop making fun of me, KyoAni!

Procrastination face

This is my face right now.

Speaking of procrastination, I have an 8-page essay due tomorrow… And I’m busy sitting here, watching and blogging about K-ON!!.


I knew it!

Mission failed face! See? I told you so.

Handyman Azunyan

But a hardworking and compassionate Azunyan is fine too!  I DAAAAAW’d @ Azunyan’s soft spot for Ton-chan.

They still need to practice though, god dammit!

Chipmunk Yui

Yui’s chipmunk face gets me all the time.

Flustered Azunyan

Nervous Azunyan

Wandering eyes

Nervous Azunyan~

lol @ Azunyan arguing over what her chara really is.

Yui is absolutely correct. Azunyan~ is Azunyan~. That’s the way things will always be, and that’s the way we like it.

Azunyan playing with her feet

I have no idea why I took a screenshot of Azunyan playing with her feet.  Probably because I was mesmerized by KyoAni’s attention to detail with the smallest of things.

Yeah. Th-…That’s right.

Can I has stickers

Yui: “Can I has stickers?”

Can’t blame Yui for abusing her stickers throughout the whole episode. I’m also pretty unstoppable when someone gives me a whole packet of stickers. Sir, you just gave these weapons to the wrong person!



Nekomimi Waitress

I usually use my pillow whenever I’m playing a horror game in the dark. Whenever I use it while watching K-ON!!, it’s for a whole different reason. This series is giving me diabetes… not that I mind. 😛

Haven’t seen Azunyan~ wearing those cat ears in a long time. Get to work and service me, KyoAni!

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  1. “I was mesmerized by KyoAni’s attention to detail with the smallest of things.”

    The animation and production values for K-On!! are so amazing. Even though nothing much is actually happening, it sure is nice to look at!

  2. @Mint: Yup! K-ON!! may not be as hectic as other anime out there, but it’s very well-made and it sure does make me happy watching it. 😛
    btw, congrats on being the 666th commenter on my blog… or maybe not? ): xD

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